Winter Dance Recital

Yesterday's dark and dreary skies, coupled with sporadic downpours and dropping temperatures, brought the first real chill of Winter to South Florida. After a hectic week full of school activities, a Board meeting and dinner on Friday, and the normal routine, I must admit that I was moving a bit slowly and having a hard time getting changed out of my comfortable sweatpants and house slippers.
However, I had big plans yesterday to escort my five-year-old daughter, Katherine Anne on a "date", and we were determined to get out of the house and had big plans to attend the Middle School Dance Recital at 2.30 p.m.
Thankfully, we went ahead with our date, as yesterday's recital was a wonderful cure for the bleakness of the day...Thanks to the leadership of our incredibly enthusiastic Dance Instructor, Mrs. Kristine Rodriguez, and the twenty-one talented Middle School Dancers, my spirits were lifted, and my afternoon on campus became one of the highlights of this soon to be complete semester.
Only in its second year, this growing program continues to make great strides. Yesterday's performance included eighteen different showings, including a wide range of diverse styles: ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz and contemporary. With a holiday theme, the Winter Dance Recital included such pieces as "O Holy Night", "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", "All I Want for Christmas is You", but also such works as "Mi Gente", "Havana", "Falling", and many others.
And while yesterday's show provided me the selfish opportunity to escort Katherine Anne on our "date", I am truly proud as Head of School to see such a program grow and evolve. In fact, later that evening, I ran into a few of the parents at our annual Parent Holiday Gathering at the home of George and Monique Befeler (another great showing of our community "in action"), and their evident pride in being part of such an undertaking was quite rewarding to witness. 
We have so many good things happening at our School every single day, and, as yesterday's Recital showed, our students are being led and supported by such strong role models as Mrs. Rodriguez. 

P.S. Here's a snapshot of Kat taken after yesterday's show, as she so proudly holds the poster and beautiful white rose given to her:
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