Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department at Palmer Trinity School is committed to offering a rich foundation in two- and three-dimensional art in a true studio setting.
As practicing artists, our faculty provides hands-on knowledge of contemporary aesthetic practices, a strong background in art history and an active link to the art community in Miami. In the studio we aim to provide a forum for students to visually explore interdisciplinary ideas while mastering materials and techniques presented. We offer a student-oriented curriculum that features diverse activities and addresses individual needs and aspirations.

Message From The Visual Arts Department Chair

Our privilege as art educators is to prepare our students for the world of tomorrow, a world that will need creative minds. We hope that those who take our classes will be one step closer to becoming the innovators of the next generation, helping to come up with new solutions to society’s old (and new) problems.

It is my pleasure to help guide students through the world of self‐expression and my privilege as the department chair to create a visual arts program so strong and enriching that it will be of benefit of the entire school community and a draw to potential students at PTS!

Sandi Wood

Visual Artists of the Month

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  • Mrs. Wood's Studio Art Class - Visual Artist of the Month: December

    Mrs. Wood's E period Studio Art class recently finished a large-scale master copy of "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose" by John Singer Sargent. It will be on display during the upcoming Fall Arts Showcase on the evening of December 3, and then hung permanently in the Main Dining Room.
    Student artists include Isabella Artze, Daniel Benitez, Olivia Falero, Ana Luiza Fonteles Campos, Charles Fornaris, Ainsley Franklin, Sofia Girotti, Drew Kaplan, Sophia Kiortsis, Ava-Riley Miles, Isabella Moralejo, Joseph Polo, Clementina Saldivia, Sienna Siegel, Catherine Trouillot, Lucie Williams, Caroline Zamek.
  • George Stark - Visual Artist of the Month: November

    Sophomore George Stark is known to many as the captain of our Cross Country team. But few know that he is one of the most ambitious and prolific potters on campus. Now in his second year of Ceramics, George is heroically tackling ever-greater amounts of clay and producing some of the best pots our Fine Arts Department has seen in years. Thank You, George, for setting the standard for others to emulate!
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