Summer Reading and Math Packets

”We shouldn’t teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.”
-- B.F. Skinner
The aim of the summer reading program is to introduce students to books that are diverse in topic and genre, substantive, and enjoyable as well as to nurture the habit of reading.  Students will be required to read at least one book and will also be provided with optional additional choices.  The selection of texts is intended to foster a life-long habit of reading in all of our students. Most English courses list a required text that will serve as a springboard for the themes and essential questions the course will explore. The books will also provide opportunities for the development of reading fluency and deepening reading comprehension.

To view the Summer Reading list and project information, log in to the PTS Online Community and choose Summer Reading and Math Packets from the Resource Board. 

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."
-Albert Einstein
The goal of the summer math packet is for students to maintain mastery of key concepts necessary for success in the next course. The student will complete the packet for the course they are entering this Fall (2023-2024 school year).  The student may either print the packet and complete it on paper, or save it on their computer and complete it using a stylus pen with a digital annotation tool such as Kami or OneNote. Students should have learned the concepts in previous courses. An example of each skill will be provided and/or a QR link to a video that reviews the skill. We encourage students to work on the packet throughout the summer for shorter sessions over a longer period of time. Students are expected to turn in the completed summer math packet on the first day of school to their mathematics teacher. During the first week of school, the teacher will provide time to answer questions on the packet, which will be followed by an assessment.

To view the Summer Math Packet, log in to the PTS Online Community and choose Summer Reading and Math Packets from the Resource Board.
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