Alumni Annual Fund

Why Give to the Alumni Annual Fund?

Now more than ever the Alumni Annual Fund is vitally important to your alma mater. In addition, increased giving and participation helps maintain an ever stronger Alumni Relations program. Your tax-deductible contributions improve the educational experience of future Alumni and provide the excellent educational programs and experiences to our students. Over the years, more and more Alumni contributions help keep us competitive and even more successful than our crosstown rivals.

Participation is Key!

Your gift to the Alumni Annual Fund shows your support for your favorite teacher or coach that made a difference in your life! Your participation, at any level, is the key to showing your support and helping our students today. We invite you to get involved and give today!

Your Annual Fund Dollars at Work

Palmer Trinity School’s Annual Fund dollars support an incredible range of programs and projects for our community, including these and many more:
  • Increased our professional development budget, and continue to support competitive faculty salaries.
  • Supported The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (C.E.L.T), which aspires to promote a faculty culture of life-long learning and a dedication to enhancing our teaching practices.
  • Bolstered the budget for each of the academic departments, as well as the arts and athletics.
  • Installed/Upgraded the HUDL "Smart Camera" recording system for both indoor and outdoor sports usage.
  • Assisted with the funding for need-based financial aid for deserving students.
  • Completed conversion of the ceramics studio into a new 3D art classroom.
  • Converted the old Coral Lab into a cutting-edge Aquaponics Lab. 
  • Upgraded technology infrastructure with state-of-the-art servers, and completed Tek Board installation on the two new buildings on the South Campus.
  • In just two years, completed the three-year plan to absorb the cost of textbooks for grades 6th-12th.
  • Expansion of the IB Program.
  • Design and installation of the Digital Athletics Hall of Fame Board.
  • Completed Middle School Building renovation project, and Tiki Hut renovations by the Falcon's Nest.
  • State of the Art LED Lights for the performing arts program.

How can I help spread the word?

If you would like to help spread the word about the importance of the Alumni Annual Fund at Palmer Trinity School, you can become a volunteer and help with phone calls to your peers during phone-a-thons or you can become an Alumni Annual Fund Ambassador and join a group of enthusiastic Alumni who want to make a difference. Either way, your help is key in continuing to keep our school competitive with other local schools when it come to giving participation.

What is the "March Madness" Alumni Giving Challenge?

Each decade of Palmer Trinity grads is a "team", and they are competing against each other in a 3 week March Madness Alumni Giving Challenge. Due to the number of graduates, the '70s and '80s are on the same team. Points are awarded for various reasons, which are outlined after clicking the link below, to each "team" as Alumni show their support. A champion will be crowned on the Wednesday after the Final Four!
CLICK HERE to visit the March Madness Alumni Giving Challenge page.

Alumni Leadership Donors

List of 14 items.

  • Susan Arregui '81

    You never know where life will take you, in 1977 I had no idea, I would be back at Palmer with two seventh graders in 2023.  Spanning the bridge from 1977 to now, there has been no gift greater than having an education that incorporates learning diversity and instills a moral compass.   Our family feels Palmer deserves a great deal of support for always valuing teaching problem solving through art and science.  Hopefully we can carry that forward to future generations.
  • Adam Moskowitz '85

    "I have wonderful memories from my time at Palmer and know that my children will also come away with the same strong values as I did. The school has as much, if not, more heart as it did when I was a student and I'm proud to give back to a place that gave me so much."
  • Scott Shelfer '89

    "It is an honor and pleasure to contribute to the future Palmer Trinity! Although we are far away, Miami will always be home, and the PTS community continues to fill or hearts with gratitude and love!"
  • Soozie Klock '00

    "Palmer Trinity was and continues to be a special place for me. Lifelong relationships were built during my time as a student and I owe Palmer Trinity a tremendous debt of gratitude for years of support. My hope is that my donation helps others enjoy and benefit from all the wonderful things the school has to offer in and out of the classroom."
  • Tamara (Rutter) Walsh '02

    "Palmer Trinity changed my life in many ways. It was there that I learned the immeasurable value of teachers who care for their students on a personal level. This PTS 'family' became a second home where I made some of the most meaningful friendships in my life."
  • Andre Carbonell '05

    "My experience at Palmer Trinity School was amazing. My life is what it is today because of the endless support I received from my teachers, staff, and friends. Palmer Trinity School holds a special place in my life and I will be forever grateful. It is for this reason that I continue to support our great school and only hope that others can enjoy the same experience I did."
  • Beth (Brockway) Serrate '85

    "Believing in the future and taking from our past will make the vision of Palmer Trinity a true reality. The day has come for us to unite to show our support for our Alma Mater."
  • Boo (Park) Zamek '90

    "We believe in charitable giving, and we can't think of a better entity to give to than the one that shapes the lives of our children each day. Supporting PTS is the best way we can think of to say thank you!"
  • Daniel Diaz Leyva '98

    "As a young man, attending Palmer Trinity was a privilege for me. I was blessed to be surrounded by incredible teachers and coaches who challenged me, helped shape my character and prepared me for the future. Couple with the friendships I made along the way, it was truly a transformative experience in my early years. Through my financial donations and contributions of time and service, I am committed to supporting an institution that gave me so much."
  • Doug Rothfeldt '10

    "Palmer Trinity has always provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow. I give back because of how much PTS gave me while I was a student and after. Being a part of our close-knit community has been invaluable."
  • Elizabeth (Lane) Bacardi '93

    "When I think of Palmer Trinity and why this school stands out - I think about the strong, centered community and the amazing people that make this school so special. The incredible and dedicated faculty and staff who made such a positive impact on me continue to do so with all the current students including our daughters. We support Palmer Trinity because of this welcoming community that feels like home."
  • Richard Grillo '97 & Lara (O'Donnell) Grillo '98

    "Palmer Trinity and its wonderful faculty, staff, and community provided us with a supportive, loving environment in which to learn and grow. We are incredibly lucky to have spent out middle school and high school years there and are grateful for the opportunity to give back to a place that gave us so much."
  • Nathan Zeder '98

    "As someone who feels that Palmer Trinity played an integral part of my child and young adulthood I can't be more grateful that I have the opportunity to give back to the current students. I am hopeful that the time they spend there is as rewarding and fulfilling for them as it was for me."
  • Ryan Jurney '04

    "Palmer Trinity was and continues to be a special place for me. Lifelong relationships were built during my time as a student and I owe Palmer Trinity a tremendous debt of gratitude for years of sport. My hope is that my donation helps others enjoy and benefit from all the wonderful things the school has to offer in and out of the classroom."

How do I give?

You can give by with an online gift at or contact Isabella Martino, Coordinator of Alumni Relations at (305) 969-4282. Your support of the school is truly appreciated on or before the end of our fiscal year, June 30th. We hope we can count on your participation.
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