Alumni Annual Fund

Why Give to the Alumni Annual Fund?

Now more than ever the Alumni Annual Fund is vitally important to your alma mater. In addition, increased giving and participation helps maintain an ever stronger Alumni Relations program. Your tax-deductible contributions improve the educational experience of future Alumni and provide the excellent educational programs and experiences to our students. Over the years, more and more Alumni contributions help keep us competitive and even more successful than our crosstown rivals.

Participation is Key!

Your gift to the Alumni Annual Fund shows your support for your favorite teacher or coach that made a difference in your life! Your participation, at any level, is the key to showing your support and helping our students today. We invite you to get involved and give today!

Your Annual Fund Dollars at Work

Palmer Trinity School’s Annual Fund dollars support an incredible range of programs and projects for our community, including these and many more:
  • Completed construction of the three custom classroom "innovation spaces" to inspire cutting-edge learning projects.
  • Increased our professional development budget, and continue to support competitive faculty salaries.
  • Funded the after-school free tutoring program, allowing students to get the extra help they need directly on campus.
  • Invested in the "Falcon Feeder" dining station. Located next to the Tiki Hut by the gymnasium, there is now a custom outdoor dining area to expand lunchtime seating capacity and allow students the ability to enjoy the natural beauty of the campus.
  • Added solar panels and electric car charging stations to the Athletics Field House incorporating the monitoring of consumption by students into curriculum. The goal is to make it the first "net-zero" building on campus. Net-zero buildings are fully powered by renewable energy sources, leaving no carbon footprint.
  • Created The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (C.E.L.T), which aspires to promote a faculty culture of life-long learning and a dedication to enhancing our teaching practices.
  • Completed construction of the multipurpose (basketball/volleyball) outdoor courts on the South Campus.
  • Assisted with the construction of the Athletic Field House, which is adjacent to the main athletic field. It hosts much-needed locker rooms, a storage room, and restrooms.
  • Bolstered the budget for each of the academic departments, as well as the arts and athletics.
  • Completed construction of the "Hester Family Monument", which is located at the entrance to the South Campus. The Hester Family Monument symbolizes the landmark purchase of the South Campus property from Virginia and William Hester.
  • Assisted with the funding for need-based financial aid for deserving students.
  • Upgraded technology infrastructure with broadcasting equipment and state of the art servers to allow for live streaming of morning announcements.

How can I help spread the word?

If you would like to help spread the word about the importance of the Alumni Annual Fund at Palmer Trinity School, you can become a volunteer and help with phone calls to your peers during phone-a-thons or you can become an Alumni Annual Fund Ambassador and join a group of enthusiastic Alumni who want to make a difference. Either way, your help is key in continuing to keep our school competitive with other local schools when it come to giving participation.

What is the "March Madness" Alumni Giving Challenge?

Each decade of Palmer Trinity grads is a "team", and they are competing against each other in a 3 week (March 16 - April 7) March Madness Alumni Giving Challenge. Due to the number of graduates, the '70s and '80s are on the same team. Points are awarded for various reasons, which are outlined after clicking the link below, to each "team" as Alumni show their support. A champion will be crowned on the Wednesday after the Final Four!
CLICK HERE to visit the March Madness Alumni Giving Challenge page.

Alumni Leadership Donors

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Chris Sanz '04

    "Palmer Trinity played a pivotal role in my life and was instrumental in my development as a student, as an athlete, and as a person. The friendships forged with fellow students, coaches, and faculty at Palmer remain some of the most important relationships in my life to this day. I am hopeful this donation helps a future student enjoy the same advantages I had when I attended Palmer Trinity."
  • Kevin Sanz '01

    “Attending Palmer Trinity was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. My family and I remain committed to the school for the long term because of its academic excellence and sense of community. The relationships that I forged in those impressionable years in both the classroom and on the field helped shape my life. I hope that my donation serves as an acknowledgment to the teachers for their service to our community in addition to helping those in need."
  • Raul Rodriguez '04

    “I attribute much of my success in college and professionally to the amazing faculty at PTS. This donation is a small token of my appreciation.”
  • Wes Farrell '01

    “I am giving for all the incredibly selfless educators and classmates from PTS who supported and shaped my foundation as a young man."
  • Elizabeth (Lane) Bacardi '93

    “When I think of Palmer Trinity and why this school stands out - it’s all about community and the amazing people that make this school so special. Vivian Cerione and Danny Reynolds continue to make a big impact, as they did for me and so many others including our daughters. We support Palmer Trinity because of this incredible community that feels like home."
  • Andre Carbonell '05

    “I am who I am today because of my experiences while attending Palmer Trinity School. I will forever be grateful to my teachers, staff, and friends. You all have helped me become the man my parents sought out for me to be. For this reason, I continue to support and donate to PTS. I am hopeful that  my experiences and success are passed on to many more.”
  • Soozie Klock '01

    “Palmer Trinity wasn’t just an academic institution - it was a community that I needed and molded who I am today. From the diverse students to the engaging and devoted faculty, to Outward Bound, Model UN, and trips abroad during school breaks with faculty volunteers, the experiences at PTS were like no other back when I was a student. Having seen the development in the school in the 24 years since I first stepped onto campus, I look forward to the day my daughter can join the PTS community, along with the children of some of my former schoolmates, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for the new waves of Falcons.”
  • Virgil Guma '90 and Kelly (Kimmel) Guma '89

    "Palmer Trinity has been an exceptional place in the history of our family.  It was a nurturing environment that allowed us to grow, supported by an incredible community of teachers and life long friends."
  • Beth (Brockway) Serrate '85

    “Believing in the future and taking from our past will make the vision of Palmer Trinity a true reality. The day has come for us to unite to show our support for our Alma Mater.”
  • Jan (Risi) Field '77

    “PTS has great history and meaning for me as it directly contributed to what became my path forward in my life. The most important aspect of my education at Palmer was the ability to participate in experiential learning activities. The three that stand out are the internship with the Miami Herald, the trip to Europe, and the internship in Washington DC. The influence of these learning experiences has been quite memorable. PTS was and continues to support students in a wide variety of activities that are above and beyond a traditional-formatted education. In addition, the teacher mentors were amazing and after attending the PTS reunion a few years ago, friendships renewed.”
  • Garrett Navia '04

    “Understanding that I could never repay PTS for helping me become the man I am today, I wanted to donate to help with financial aid for students who could not otherwise attend PTS. Hopefully, they receive the same amount of blessings that I have.”
  • Jon Greenwell '79 and Mary Eldredge Greenwell '79

    "We just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. Palmer holds great memories for us as it was so small back in the late ’70s. Everyone knew one another as well as their families since it was a group effort in many aspects."

How do I give?

You can give by with an online gift at or contact Alexandra Cartaya, Director of Alumni Relations at (305) 969-4282 or at Your support of the school is truly appreciated on or before the end of our fiscal year, June 30th. We hope we can count on your participation.
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