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Community Service

Service is one of the Guiding Principles of Palmer Trinity School.

We encourage vision, initiative and leadership in serving each other, local non-profit organizations, and the global world. These activities are important in building character while striving to engage our students in a lifetime of service, learning, leadership, and achievement.
There are a wide variety of opportunities available at Palmer Trinity to become engaged in – some include but are not limited to: tutoring on- or off-campus, going on a school-sponsored trip, serving meals at a homeless shelter, collecting gently used sports equipment for deserving athletes, local beach cleanups, collecting gently used clothing, school supplies or shoes, making birthday cards for children in foster care and local group homes, writing letter to soldiers, that enrich and deepen our students’ experience and programs that support their social, spiritual, ethical and personal growth and development.
All students are encouraged to participate in at least one of the group-planned service-living projects per semester and are invited to work with the Director of Student Activities, Advisor, and student leaders throughout all the stages of the event. Students are asked to document all their service hours with the Office of Student Activities. Such information is often needed for the college application process. Service hours are also an integral requirement of several awards and scholarships including the Silver Knight Award, the Congressional Award, Junior Book Awards, the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, and the Florida Bright Scholars program.
To find out more about opportunities for community service, students please contact Mrs. Cartaya, Director of Student Activities.

At Palmer Trinity School, we approach Service Living with a compassionate heart and an insightful awareness for reflection and impact
. We aim to impact the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in all the work we do. We also acknowledge that the degree of need and poverty in our South Florida community is significant. We are inspired and aware that we should always serve with a compassionate heart that affords dignity and respect to the people we serve. We will not support efforts that foster dependency and do not empower individuals to develop and flourish. We work with non-profit organizations that help to foster self-efficacy and agency in the individuals they serve. These organizations have been audited and approved by the activities office. If you know of an organization that provides best-practice ethical services to people here in South Dade,  please contact Mrs. Cartaya. Our priority is helping our immediate neighbors (within 5-10 miles of the school).  

Community Service Opportunities

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  • Chapman Partnership For the Homeless (CPHI)

    Palmer Trinity volunteers at  every third Thursday of the month. CPHI is located at 28205 SW 125th Court, Homestead, FL 33033. Must be 15 years of age or older to serve.
  • Shed Your Threads

    Also, once per month, PTS holds a Shed Your Threads dress down day. Students are allowed to dress down that day if they make a donation to the charity or cause being sponsored that day.
For a complete listing of all current Community Service Opportunities, log in to the PTS Online Community, and click the Community Service button on the Resource Board.
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Cartaya at

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I want to get involved with community service. Where do I begin?

    Feel free to stop by and speak with Mrs. Cartaya. There are many opportunities available and she will be happy to brainstorm with you a service project based on your interests and abilities. Also, there are many service clubs which you can join.
  • Does PTS have a community service requirement for graduation?

    No, we do not require students to complete a specific number of hours. Rather, students are urged and encouraged to find projects that interest them or to participate in the many projects offered through PTS. However, graduating seniors who have over 100 hours of community service from grades 9-12, will receive a special graduation recognition sash or medal.
  • I received documentation of my service from the organization where I volunteered. What should I do with this?

    Palmer Trinity has launched the MobileServe app to record PTS students’ community service hours. Please log on to and create an account to upload your hours and manage your documentation.

    Please click here for more specific instructions.

Oath for Compassionate Service

  1. Never do for the poor what they have or could have the capacity to do for themselves
  2. Limit one way giving to emergency situations.
  3. Strive to empower the poor through employment, lending and investing, using grants sparingly to reinforce achievement.
  4. Subordinate self-interests to the needs of those being served.
  5. Listen closely to those you seek to help, especially to what is not being said
  6. Above all, do no harm.

by Robert D. Lupton

Service Clubs

Best Buddies
Breakthrough Miami Club
Community Service Club
Eco Club
HALO (Happiness Action Love Oneness) Club
National Honor Society
Red Cross Club
Women for Women
Main Entrance: 8001 SW 184th Street, Miami, FL 33157
Mailing Address: 7900 SW 176th Street, Miami, FL 33157
Main:     305.251.2230
Admission:     305.969.4208