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Student Organizations

At Palmer Trinity School, extracurricular activities enriches students’ lives by giving them opportunities to pursue or develop interests, skills, and friends.
In many cases, these activities supplement the academic program. Palmer Trinity School offers a variety of interesting and meaningful clubs, student government association, service clubs and organizations to meet the interests and abilities of all students, and to sustain the mission of the school.

Clubs should plan to meet at a minimum of once monthly and will have a written, meaningful and measurable goal/s to complete for the school year. An evaluation form will be completed at the end of the School year. An exciting calendar of events is located on the School’s Master Calendar reflecting upcoming activities and events (i.e. Homecoming, days of service, etc.)


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  • Student Government Association (SGA)

    Student Government at Palmer Trinity School consists of an Upper School Student Council and the Honor Council. Student Council representatives are elected annually. Class presidents are elected annually. Students electing to run for school office must have their advisor and the Deans' Office sign their candidacy petition indicating their support for the student. Students whose disciplinary records are inappropriate may, therefore, be disqualified from serving as class officers.

    2018-2019 Student Government Leaders

    Executive S.G.A.
    President - Carmen Gonzalez del Valle
    Vice President - Joaquin Molinari
    Secretary - Anthony de Rosa
    Treasurer - David Fumagalli
    Community Service Chair - Chase Howard
    Falcon Fury Spirit Chair - Marissa Tannebaum
    Parliamentarian - Dylan Lopez
    Class of 2020
    President - Dani Gomez
    Vice President - Alesia Lopez Pulido
    Secretary - Valentina Libi
    Treasurer - Lucas Schrier

    Class of 2021
    President- Leandro De Arma
    Vice President - Alejandro Ortiz
    Secretary - Fiona Mclaughlin
    Treasurer - Pam Ascobereta
    Community Service Rep - Maia Wenger
    Historian - Cristian Lopez
    Class of 2022
    President - Carlos Penzini
    Vice President - Maria Munilla
    Secretary - Bianca Barroso
    Treasurer - Ismael Alvarez
    Community Service Rep - Jack Dodd
    Historian - Laura Furniss Roe

    Class of 2023
    President - Henry Kuemmel
    Vice President - Sydney Powell
    Secretary - Saverio San Lorenzo
    Treasurer - Felicity Franklin
    Community Service Rep - Marianna Stol
    Historian - Christopher Oeltjen

    Middle School

    President- Sarah Bayas
    Vice President - Dominic Veloso
    Secretary - Sydney Gilmore
    Treasurer - Vanessa Smoleny
    Community Service Rep - Carolina De la Riva
    Historian - Reece Weber
    Spirit Chair - Alexandra Navarro
  • Honor Societies

    Honor societies include the following: Chinese National Honor Society, International Thespian Society, La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, Societe Honoraire de Francais, and Tri M Music Honor Society. These honor societies include students who have attained distinction in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. A Faculty Selection Committee appoints members. Once appointed, a member is expected to maintain high standards in order to continue as a member. Because this is one of the highest honors a student can achieve at Palmer Trinity School, much is expected of its members.

    For more information regarding joining an Honor Society, download the Eligibility for application to PTS Honor Societies form.
  • Interest Clubs

    The number and kinds of interest clubs vary from year to year as chartered by the Student Council. Students interested in forming an interest club should contact the Director of Student Activities for organizational information. Some of the interest clubs currently chartered include Anglers Club, Best Buddies Club, Book Club, Breakthrough Miami, Center for Writing, Debate Club, ECO Club, Gaming Club, Haiti Partnership Club, Hope for Tomorrow, Hoop Dreams, Marine Conservancy, Model UN, Peer Educators, Second Chance, Student Alumni Association, Student Vestry, Tabitha Club and Youth in Government. Students are always encouraged to create new academic or interest clubs. They must have a faculty sponsor and have applied for and been granted a charter from the Student Council. Students should contact the director of student activities for organizational information.
  • Math/Science clubs

    Mu Alpha Theta (math club) and the Science Club are examples of other academic clubs designed to provide forums for the related subjects to those interested students.
  • Publications

    Palmer Trinity School student publications include a yearbook, The Raptor, and literary magazine, Blue Grass Green Sky. Students produce each publication with the assistance of a faculty advisor.
  • Student Activities Sponsors

    Each service club, society, academic club, class, and interest club is required to have at least one faculty sponsor to attend each meeting and organization event. The role of that sponsor is to provide responsible guidance at the group’s meetings and in their selection and organization of activities. Groups that are affiliated with organizations from the community (i.e., Lighthouse for the Blind, Habitat for Humanity, CPHI, Branches, etc.) may have additional sponsors or advisors from that parent organization.
For a listing of all clubs, honor societies, and student organizations available at PTS, download the PDF below.
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