Strategic Plan

Securing Our Bright Future.

It is with great pride that we present Strategic Plan 2027: Securing our Bright Future. This document is the culmination of a three-year effort with contributions from a wide variety of our community members including the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, parents, students, alumni, and alumni parents.

We thank the following members of our community for participating in this Strategic Plan.

Lawrence Alexander (Consultant)
Ashley Armato (Faculty/Staff)
Elizabeth Bacardi (Trustee, Parent, Alumni Parent)
Michael Baiamonte (Trustee Alumni Parent)*
Jeff Bass (Trustee, Alumni Parent)
Kay Betts (Consultant)
Jack Brumbaugh (Trustee)
Mary Ellen Cassini (Administration, Faculty/Staff)*
Jose Chao (Administration, Alumni Parent)
Susi Cetta (Faculty/Staff, Alumni Parent)
Ashley Chapman (Administration, Faculty/Staff)
Lynley Ciorobea (Alumni, Parent)*
Rev. Frank J. Corbishley (Trustee, Alumni Parent)
Patricia Cornish (Trustee, Parent)
Vivian More Cortinas (Trustee, Alumni Parent)
Bishop Peter Eaton (Trustee)
Emilio Fernandez (Trustee, Parent)
Andrea Fresco (Faculty/Staff)
Denise Gallardo (Administration, Alumni Parent)*
Suzanne Gottlieb Calleja (Administration, Alumni Parent)*
Juan Gomez (Administration, Alumni Parent)
Jared Kaplan (Trustee, Parent)
Lynne Keller (Trustee, Parent, Alumni Parent)
Monifa Kelsey (Faculty, Parent)
Katie Lamiell (Faculty/Staff, Alumni Parent)
Dave Lanham (Administration, Parent)
Patricia Lema (Faculty/Staff)
Rachel Malueg (Trustee, Alumni Parent)
Hugo Mantilla (Trustee, Parent, Alumni Parent)*
Bobby Moore (Alumni, Faculty/Staff)*
Camilo Montana (Trustee, Parent, Alumni Parent)
William Morrison (Trustee Alumni Parent)
Marcel Navarro (Trustee – Chairman, Parent, Alumni Parent)*
Sonia O’Donnell (Trustee, Alumni Parent)
Aldo Regalado (Faculty/Staff)
Adriana Restrepo-Munoz (Faculty/Staff)
Patrick Roberts (Administration, Parent)*
Manjula Salomon (Administration)
Beth Brockway Serrate ’85 (Trustee, Alumni Parent)
Philip Serrate (Trustee, Alumni Parent)
Jesus Socorro (Trustee, Parent, Alumni Parent)
Harvey Sperling (Trustee)*
Peter Tolmach (Administration, Parent)
Adrianna Truby (Administration, Faculty/Staff)*

Strategic Plan

This Plan highlights our 50th anniversary motto, Bold Past, Bright Future, by reaffirming our Mission. We remain committed to our School’s vision as an outstanding co-educational Episcopal School, providing academic excellence in all disciplines while embracing character development. This continues to be our foundation for everything we, as educators, do each day.

While celebrating Palmer Trinity’s past and appreciating the present traditions of educational distinction, we are eager to secure our future. This Plan establishes a detailed guide and framework for the next five years in the vital areas of: Curriculum, Community, Faculty, Land and Facilities, and Financial Sustainability. Our priority continues to be focused on providing our students with optimum experiences as they develop mind, body, and spirit to become global citizens and compassionate leaders in an ever-changing world. Our students must take their place in an increasingly diverse society prepared to embrace, respect, and understand all perspectives.

Strategic Plan 2027 reflects a synthesized and analytical approach to planning for the future and incorporates the following data: four essential surveys, the Belonging Survey, the Faculty/Staff Survey, the Parents Survey, and the New Parent Survey, dedicated time to reviewing and discussing and developing the Plan, two Board of Trustees working sessions, and seven task groups meeting throughout the fall of 2021 to recommend action steps. A detailed chronological timeline can be found in this document. In short, we are deeply grateful for all who shared time and are proud of the commitment to the process given to this important document.

Our people are the key to our past success and to our future progress — administration, students, faculty, parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, and friends — working as one community. Our faculty anchors Palmer Trinity’s educational program, and, as such, it is critical that we continue to provide the highest quality of professional life. We recognize the importance of the teacher in today’s world, now more than ever. As the great Henry Adams claims, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” A hallmark of this document is the newly created, Portrait of a Teacher, which reflects discussions around this life-changing profession.

Please join us as we celebrate and embrace this unique and exciting time in the life of our School. We encourage you to review Strategic Plan 2027 and are most grateful for your partnership and support.

Patrick Roberts
Head of School

Marcel Navarro
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Strategic Plan Process Summary

Our Strategic Planning process began in the Winter 2017 with a comprehensive survey of faculty and staff. We were interrupted by COVID in the Winter of 2019, but took the following steps to ensure the most inclusive process.

List of 18 items.

  • Winter 2017

    Comprehensive Survey of Faculty/Staff
  • Spring 2018

    Survey Results of Faculty/Staff Survey shared
    Professionalism Committee formed
  • Fall/Winter 2018

    Comprehensive Survey of Parents
  • All Year 2018-19

    FCIS Self Study
  • Winter 2019

    Survey Results of Parent Survey shared
  • Spring 2019

    Task Force Groups formed/conducted 
    Food Service
    Study Skills (Ac. Team)
    Strategic Planning Team formed
    Strategic Planning Team Working Session SPRING 2019
  • Spring/Summer 2019

    Essential Questions formed
  • Summer 2019

    Board Retreat/Strategic Plan Workshop
  • Fall 2019

    Strategic Planning Team Working Weekend
    Vision Statement created
    FCIS Accreditation Visit
    FCIS Accreditation Communication (Comments)
  • Winter 2020

    FCIS Full Accreditation
    Strategic Planning Team Working Session
  • Spring 2020

    Vision Statement approved by Board
    Vision Statement rolled out to Community
  • Winter 2019-Current

  • Fall 2020

    DEI Consultant Lawrence Alexander: Audit/Survey
  • Spring 2021

    Comprehensive Survey of Faculty/Staff
    Comprehensive Survey of Parents
    DEI Belonging Survey (Students)
    Comprehensive Survey of Newly Enrolled Parents

  • Summer 2021

    Vision Statement shared again with Board
    Board Retreat/Strategic Plan Workshop
  • Fall 2021

    Vision Statement shared again with Community
    Action Teams formed/meet (3X)
    Community and School Size
    DEI Audit/Survey
    Land and Facilities
    Financial Sustainability
    Auxiliary Programs
    Endowment/Planned Giving
  • Winter 2022

    Creation of Portrait of a Teacher
    Review of Strategic Plan/Draft
    Final Draft of Strategic Plan shared with Board

  • Spring 2022

    Anticipated Roll out of Strategic Plan
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