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Spiritual Life

Palmer Trinity School is an Episcopal school committed to develop, foster, and nurture spiritual and moral growth on both personal and community levels. The values and practices of the Judeo-Christian tradition are celebrated in a spirit of inclusivity that engages in respect for all cultural, spiritual, and religious traditions.

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    Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Cassini 

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The Office of the Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life

The Chaplain is responsible primarily for the integration and application of the religious and spiritual life of the community. Recognizing and respecting the diversity of the Palmer Trinity School community, the Chaplain provides a non-anxious presence within a safe and spiritually enriching environment for all members of the community. The Chaplain teaches in the Religious Studies department and is also certified to teach history and English. A member of the Executive Staff, the Chaplain is a support for the members of the school community. The Chaplaincy is committed to enhancing student life in a variety of areas including honoring sacred places and events, sportsmanship, community service, protecting the environment, valuing art, and discerning social justice issues.
Welcoming all to Palmer Trinity School and learning about one another through respect is the key to creating a healthy and thriving community. The Chaplaincy is dedicated to nurturing the inner life of community members as well as helping the community to come together to accomplish its mission. The Chaplain is available for individual and family pastoral care and support, especially during times of adversity. Weekly events such as Bible Studies, Holy Eucharist, and monthly Shabbat Breakfasts along with other celebrations of the spirit create times for reflection and meditation.
All are welcome to join the Chaplaincy in Holy Communion in Trinity Chapel: Thursday Mornings from 7:25 am – 7:55 am.

Chapels, Convocations, and Assemblies

Palmer Trinity School gathers weekly for Chapel. Sometimes the meetings are by division, on Tuesdays (Upper School) and on Wednesdays (Middle School). Under the direction of the Chaplain and the advisory Chapel Committee, which includes members of the faculty, administration and student body, Chapels are created to highlight the shared life of the community, worship opportunities, and relevant issues from society. Events and topics for this sacred time together may be:

  • The Honor Convocation
  • Holy Communion (Four times a year including the beginning of the year, Christmas, Easter, and the closing of school)
  • The High Holy Days
  • Interfaith Exchanges
  • The Global Village: Madagascar
  • Community Service
  • Student Government
  • Celebrating the Earth: Environmental Issues
  • Honoring Our Veterans
  • Ethics and Technology
  • St. Francis and St. Clare Blessing of the Animals
  • Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Hispanic Heritage
  • Black History Month
  • Women’s History Month
  • Student Dance, Drama, and Music Performances
Students and faculty prepare the presentations. The subject matter is relevant and often involves experts from the local area and around the globe. Learning in a safe place together as a community and asking questions about various ethical and moral issues involves the participation of the entire school. All worship participation is voluntary. Many alumni voice that their dearest memories of Palmer Trinity School come from times shared in community.

The heart of Episcopal schools is our mission to enable students and faculty to develop quality relationships with God, self, and neighbors. Community worship brings students and faculty together for the purpose of recognizing and celebrating God and the sacred in a learning community. Gathering as a community on a regular basis is essential to the nature of Episcopal schools. Hence, Chapel is a regular part of the daily or weekly schedule, as well as times when the entire community gathers to celebrate holy days or commemorate a special occasion for the community. (Reasons for Being: The Culture and Character of Episcopal Schools, NAES, 2010)

Worship/Holy Eucharist and Morning Prayer/ High Holy Days

One of the primary ways to grow as a teaching and learning community of faith is through corporate and individual acts of worship. All members are included during these times together; interfaith presentations are integrated into the community gatherings. Learning from each other’s faith traditions is part of the Episcopal tradition and each person’s conscience is respected. During the school year, Morning Prayer and Holy Eucharist Rite II from The Book of Common Prayer are offered. Holy Communion is the sacred meal that celebrates sacrifice and love. Unique holy days throughout the year including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, Christmas, Advent, Lent, Passover and Easter are honored. Often religious holy days from various traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam are also shared. Discovering each other’s sacred times and traditions helps each person develop respect for others and his or her own spiritual depth.

The Palmer Trinity School Prayer

O God, our heavenly Father, The source of all wisdom:
We ask your blessing on Palmer Trinity School.
Let there be light in this place; Light to the mind;
Light to the heart; And light to the will;
That we may grow in knowledge, love and service
Of You and each other, now and forever. Amen
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