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Athletic Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor the achievements of men and women who have been associated with the School by recognizing those individuals who have made a major contribution to the success of the overall athletic program.

2019-20 Inductees

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  • Sarah Medina ‘14 - Soccer

    Sarah Medina started playing soccer on her brother’s team when she was only 4 years old. She continued to play because of her competitive nature and she wanted to play against her brother. As she got older and played on her own team, soccer really began to make sense to her. By the time Sarah started at Palmer Trinity, she had developed into a star player. During her time at PTS, Sarah managed to break several school records. To this day, Sarah holds the school record for Most Goals in a Game (7), Most Goals in a Season (52) and Most Goals in a Career (148). After graduating from Palmer Trinity, Sarah went on to play at Wake Forest University, a Division I school. During her career at Wake Forest, she started in 41 of the 72 games she played in and her team played in the NCAA Sweet 16 and the ACC Tournament. In 2017, Sarah graduated from Wake Forest with a bachelor’s degree in English and returned to Miami to apply to Law School and coach soccer. Sarah coached the middle school team at PTS and just started Law school at the University of Miami this fall. Sarah plans to continue coaching for fun and to honor her coaches, friends, teachers, and, most importantly, her family, who helped her along the way.
  • Brandon Rose ‘05 - Basketball

    Brandon Rose was a member of the Palmer Trinity Men's Varsity Basketball Team from 2002-2005.  In his senior year, Brandon was a team captain and helped lead that team to the Final Four, which had never happened before or since in Palmer Trinity's history.  Brandon led his team in steals (2.2 per game) and was second in scoring (15 ppg) while shooting an astounding 66.9% from the field. He was also second in assists (2.6 per game), and rebounding (7 per game.) Brandon was Second Team All Dade, a Miami Dade All-Star, a Coaches Award Winner, and ranked in the Top 300 Players in Florida.  Most importantly, Brandon, as his coach Carl Rachelson has said “was the smartest player on the team and nobody spread the love for others more than he did.  He was beloved on and off the court, always competing, never quitting, and never discouraging others.”  In addition to his athletic accolades, Brandon was a scholar-athlete (graduating in the Top 10 of his class,) a Peer Counselor, and a member of the PTS Honor Council, all of which earned him a spot at Yale University.  During his sophomore year at Yale, Brandon became the Men's Varsity Basketball team manager.  After building a rapport with the coaches and team members, the coaches, with the vote of each player on the team, decided to offer Brandon a spot on the team during his senior year.   Brandon graduated from Yale cum laude and went on to the University of Florida Law School where he continued to play basketball in intramural leagues.  Now, as a successful attorney, Brandon still loves to play ball with his former PTS teammates and lifelong friends.
  • Special Presentation honoring the life of Carlos Gonzalez ‘97

    Carlos Gonzalez transferred to Palmer Trinity for his Senior Year in the fall of 1996. “Gonzo” as he was lovingly referred to by his new classmates, had an immediate impact on the Palmer Trinity community. He started on the Varsity football team playing both offense and defense. Carlos was also an accomplished wrestler making it to the State Semifinals in his weight class. He was named “Athlete of the Year” and earned academic distinction as a member of the National Honor Society.  He knew the value of service and led by example with his involvement in multiple organizations including Key Club.  Carlos was loved and admired as evidenced by his classmates voting him both Homecoming King and “Best All-Around.”  His legacy of integrity, kindness, and love will continue to inspire future generations at Palmer Trinity.  Carlos was a son, a brother, an uncle, a husband, a father, and a friend to all that knew him. 

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  • PTS Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

    Tom Magenheimer '78, Chairperson
    Hart Baur '82
    Jim Beverley, Former Coach
    Brian Gershen '98
    Andy Hessen '76
    Brittney (Hoffman) McCabe '99
    Samantha (Evans) Moore ‘06
    Lee Sterling '81
    Nathan Zeder '98
    Ernest Robertson, Director of Athletics
    Isabella Martino, Director of Alumni Relations

Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Founders’ Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have helped to fulfill the vision of the founders of the Palmer, Trinity, and Palmer Trinity Schools. It is awarded to individuals who have been deeply committed to Palmer Trinity School and who have demonstrated honor, courage, and leadership. Through loyal attitude, inspired spirit and unselfish action, they have fulfilled the mission of Palmer Trinity School.

The Head of School’s Alumni Award recognizes distinguished service to the community that exemplifies the Palmer Trinity's values - commitment to the moral, spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative growth of all members of our community. Palmer Trinity is an Episcopal School dedicated to promoting academic excellence and inspiring students to lead lives of virtue, humanity, and spirit.

The Jan Morrison Award recognizes an individual who inspires, encourages, and supports the Palmer Trinity Alumni Community.  This individual serves as a positive mentor for many of the alumni from Palmer Trinity School.

Nominate an alum you know that fits the spirit and service described in either of these awards below.

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  • 2019-20 Founders' Alumni Award presented to: Andrew Bennett ‘95

    During his time at Palmer Trinity, Andrew was a model student involved in athletics, travel opportunities, Honor Council, Key Club, and Student Government. After PTS, Andrew graduated from FSU in 1999 and returned to Miami to work as a substitute teacher and coach at Palmer Trinity while he figured out grad school. During that year he lived with two other teachers and met his wife who was also working at PTS. After finishing grad school, getting married in 2002, having their oldest daughter, Sofia who is now an 8th grader at PTS, and receiving his CPA license, Andrew and his family moved to El Salvador where he worked for an international accounting firm. While in El Salvador their family was completed when their youngest daughter, Alexandra, now in 5th grade, was born. After 5 years in Central America, they moved back to Miami in 2011 where Andrew has worked for a series of start-ups in Miami's increasingly vibrant start-up scene.  When Andrew returned to Miami, he was once again drawn to PTS as an alumni volunteer on Danny Reynold’s Admissions Advisory Council. Andrew is a founding member of the Alumni Board and is currently serving his 6th year on the Board. Andrew explains, “I stay involved because I love the school. It is a special place that is unique and distinct from other schools in the Miami area. Despite massive changes in facilities, administration, etc... there is something intangible (the special sauce I like to call it) that does not change. It gave me a home and a family, and I feel I have a duty to stay involved and be an ambassador for the school.”
  • 2019-20 Head of School's Alumni Award presented to: Victoria Garcia ‘01

    During her time at Palmer Trinity School, Vicky excelled in the classroom, on the field as a soccer player, and as a leader for her peers. During her junior year, she earned the University of Miami Book Award awarded to juniors who exhibit outstanding leadership and academic excellence. As a senior, she received the Nathan Young Award and the medallion for Physics Honors. After graduating from Palmer Trinity in 2001, Vicky earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2005 and interned at Kennedy Space Center/Nasa that summer. Vicky went on to earn a MS from Georgia Institute of Technology and became one of the few women to join the team of engineers at Marshall Space Flight Center/NASA in 2008. What makes Vicky’s story extraordinary is that she has been able to accomplish all this despite the fact that she was born profoundly deaf. Vicky never let her impairment stop her from achieving anything she wanted. She learned to read lips at an early age and worked extra hard to excel in school. She turned her love of problem-solving into a career as a NASA engineer. For most of the past 8 years, she worked on the newest rocket called Space Launch System. Recently, she started a new role as a Lead Systems Engineer for an Environmental Control and Life Support Systems project that will be installed in International Space Station within a couple of years. Vicky believes that “hard work and persistence are key to achieving your dreams.“ On the personal side, Vicky has a 3-year-old son named Luca, who is the absolute highlight of her life.
  • 2019-20 The Jan Morrison Award presented to: Maria Vanegas

    On any given afternoon, you can find Maria Vanegas cheering in the stands for just about every sports team at PTS. In the field and in the classroom, Maria has been the #1 fan of so many students that have come through PTS. She pushes her students to excel while they are at school and after graduation. Because of the genuine care that she gives her students, she forms life long relationships with them. Maria has watched so many PTS alumni grow into mature adults and continues to be a mentor to them as they get married and have children of their own. Maria also led the service trip to Nicaragua for over 8 years, taking about 120 students to build homes for underprivileged families in the area. As a teacher, former coach, and lead advisor, Maria has been mentoring young adults at PTS for 21 years and plans to continue doing so until she retires.

Palmer Trinity Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

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  • 2018-19 Inductees

    Paulina Prieto ‘12 - Volleyball
    Landon Michelson ‘10 - Golf and Baseball
    Stewart Magenheimer ‘76 - Soccer, Baseball, Football
  • 2017-18 Inductees

    Kevin Mahan ‘87- Cross Country, Track, Football
    Coach Marty Migliaccio - Volleyball, Softball
  • 2016-17 Inductees

    Coach Michael Becker – Cross Country, Track
    Kristen Titley ‘10 – Volleyball
    Jeff Greenwell ‘75 - Baseball, Soccer, Football
  • 2015-16 Inductees

    Coach Michelle (Brenner) Mondell – Soccer, Volleyball, Football
    Michael Haggard ’88 – Football
    Arasay Guerra ’06 - Volleyball
  • 2014-15 Inductees

    Joakim “Jay” Nordqvist ’79 – Soccer, Tennis, Football
    Jamaal Douglas ’03 – Basketball
  • 2012-13 Inductees

    Joe Hanko ’80 - Football, Baseball, Soccer
    Burford Smith ’81 - Athletic Department Manager
    Kevin Sanz ’01 - Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
    Coach Dave Hewett - Coach and Athletic Director from 1983-2000
  • 2011-12 Inductees

    Pilar Guzman ’76 - Volleyball, Softball, Basketball
    John Alger ’77 - Football, Soccer, Track, Wrestling 
    Ciara Michel ’03 - Volleyball 
    Samantha Evans ’06 - Volleyball, Soccer, Softball
    Coach Jeff Capparelli '76-'83 - Head Football Coach, Athletic Director, Softball Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach
  • 2010-11 Inductees

    Lee Sterling '81 - Football, Baseball, Track, Basketball, Soccer
    Craig Baur '85 - Soccer, Cross Country, Track
    Chris Sanz '04 - Football, Basketball
    1986 Cross Country Team
  • 2009-10 Inductees

    Steve Veingrad '79 - Football, Wrestling, Basketball
    Diana Fahmie '90 - Volleyball, Soccer, Softball
    Nathan Zeder '98 - Tennis, Basketball
    Kyle Rutter '04 - Baseball, Football
  • 2008-09 Inductees

    Liz Corson '78 - Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
    Cindy Gargano ’81 - Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Track
    Hart Baur ’82 - Soccer, Track, Cross Country
    Reid Kline ’96 - Lacrosse, Football, Soccer
  • 2007-08 Inductees

    Perry Smith '85 - Football, Baseball, Basketball
    Ricky Jofre '90 - Football, Soccer, Track
    Sarah Ferguson '92 - Softball, Volleyball, Soccer
  • 2006-07 Inductees

    Gary Lesnik '84 - Football, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis 
    Dan Sarmiento '89 - Football, Basketball, Track 
    Charles Baumberger '94 - Football, Soccer, Track 
    Mark Oliver (Coach) - Varsity Baseball, Varsity Softball, JV and Varsity Football, Women's Varsity Basketball 
  • 2005-06 Inductees

    Joe Mancuso ’90 - Football, Track, Basketball
    Denise Cipriano ’91 -Softball, Soccer, Volleyball
    Preston Dickerson ’98 -Lacrosse, Football, Basketball
    Tracey King ’00 -Volleyball, Soccer 
  • 2004-05 Inductees

    Jim Maher ‘75 -Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football
    Deb Friedman ‘88 -Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Track
    Mike Reynolds ‘88 -Cross Country and Track
  • 2003-04 Inductees

    Larry Householder ‘75 -Baseball, Basketball, Football
    Julie Waldo ‘78 -Golf, Volleyball, Softball
    Larry Jacobson ‘84 -Baseball, Basketball
    John Lederman '87 - Football, Basketball, Baseball
    Spencer (Shelfer) Moorman ‘92 -Tennis
    Campbell Walker ‘94 -Football, Baseball

Palmer Trinity Alumni Awards Recipients

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  • 2018-19

    Mason Harris ‘89, Founders’ Alumni Award
    Wesley Farrell ‘01, Head of School’s Alumni Award
    Jan Morrison, Jan Morrison Award
  • 2017-18

    Brian Gershen ‘98, Founders’ Alumni Award
    Gil Lang ‘97, Head of School’s Alumni Award
    Dax Tejera ‘03, Head of School’s Alumni Award
  • 2016-17

    Brittney (Hoffman) McCabe ‘99, Founders’ Alumni Award
    Jan (Risi) Field ‘77, Head of School’s Alumni Award
  • 2015-16

    Nathan Zeder ‘98, Founders’ Alumni Award
    Daniel Diaz Leyva ‘98, Head of School’s Alumni Award
  • 2014-15

    Beth (Brockway) Serrate ’85, Founder’s Award
    Brian Alonso ’97, Head of School’s Award
  • 2013-14

    Evans (Dunwody) Crews ’91, Founder’s Award
    Tom Magenheimer ’78, Head of School’s Award
  • 2012-13

    Lynley (Walker) Ciorobea ’96, Founder’s Award
    Patrick E. Murphy ’01, Head of School’s Award

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