Performing Arts

Meet the Teachers

APRIL QUEEN, Director of Orchestra

I have had incredible teachers in my music education. I find their influences in nearly every lesson I teach; from different ways to practice a passage or particular fingering patterns, to the simple interaction with students. Their teaching left indelible marks on how I teach and who I am as a person. When my students take their final step off the PTS campus, I only hope that I have provided them with a similar experience, as well as an unending appreciation and love for music and the arts.

COREY HARVIN, Director of Guitar

For me, the start of learning is in the questions. Using the guitar, my students and I ask those questions that get to the heart of how music works. Music is a magical event, whether you are playing by yourself or at a stadium concert. My goal is to guide students through this journey of being able to read sheet music, to play, and to listen more deeply, so that music becomes a more complete experience for them. Eventually, my students will be able to guide their own learning and have the guitar as their instrument to enjoy for the rest of their life.

TIMOTHY LESTER, Choral Director

My finest music teachers were firm, jovial taskmasters. I have remembered them for all these years and have always tried to emulate those characteristics in my teaching. Without question, repetition and memorization are important, but if the students don’t have any fun, the “magic” is lost. I also make myself available to them, both as a group and individually. They know I care deeply for them and their musical achievements. I prefer to choose inspiration over intimidation and they are encouraged to perform from their hearts. It has worked well for me for the twenty-five years I have been teaching.


Being a band director I have the opportunity to teach kids about teamwork through music performance. Each member of our team has a specific job in order for the final project to come together. As the students advance in the program, we learn how to communicate through music. We explore many styles of music with a goal of giving the best performance we can give. A world without music would be boring!

MICHAEL STODDARD, Director of Theatre

I believe actors of any age and level of experience are capable of the extraordinary and deserve a teacher who creates an exceptional atmosphere for their personal and professional growth. Through humor and compassion, I work to create a safe learning environment for the cast and crew by deliberately designing an experience that is fun, demanding and supports risk-taking. One of my hopes as a theatre educator is to instill a love of learning and growing in the actors, as I share my own passion for the theater with them. It is my job to demonstrate extraordinary energy, organization, and professionalism to my students and production team. By communicating clear and consistent expectations, quality theatre education is achieved in a positive environment that fosters learning and growing.


Creating a Dance Program at Palmer Trinity School has been one of the highlights of my professional career. The Performing Arts department is one of most talented and gifted gathering of artistic individuals in South Florida, and in the country. I am blessed to be surrounded by such passionate actors, musicians and vocalists and it is a privilege to call them my colleagues. As a dancer and educator, it has been my lifelong mission to share and grow the love of Dance and the arts with my students for over 20 years now. I hope to continue to influence our youth to follow their dreams, no matter where their individual path may lead, so long as they dance and perform along the way. While my goal is to help nurture great dancers, ultimately, I hope to have a hand in raising amazing human beings through Dance.
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