Academic Overview

Palmer Trinity is a student centered, Episcopal college preparatory school.  Each student is challenged to aspire to excellence in a community that teaches and models high academic and personal standards.  Palmer Trinity admits students with personal integrity and academic potential.  The school is committed to diversity and seeks students with a range of academic interests and diverse ethnic and socio­economic backgrounds.

Palmer Trinity’s academic program is designed to promote intellectual growth and curiosity, to foster excellence in all disciplines, to stimulate and guide aesthetic appreciation, and to encourage physical well being.

Palmer Trinity demands much of its students, challenging them to develop their potential as individual scholars while expecting them to participate in and contribute to the life of the school community.  The program aims to instill in its students a love of wisdom and to evoke from them the highest expressions of personal integrity, tolerance, and social responsibility.  Palmer Trinity embraces its obligation to provide for the spiritual development of its students by upholding Judeo­-Christian principles and ethical traditions and by encouraging personal sacrifice in service to others.

Middle School Course of Study

Each year, middle school students are required to take coursework in English, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education. Sixth-grade students participate in an exploratory “Wheel” involving world languages and other elective courses that are offered in seventh and eighth grades.

6th Grade Discovery Wheel:
Discovery “Wheel” is an exploratory curriculum of set classes designed to introduce sixth-grade students to a variety of programs at Palmer Trinity School. Students rotate through seven courses in a five-week rotation. Components of the Wheel include:
  • Chinese Language and Culture
  • French Language and Culture
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • Art, Drama, Broadcasting, and Civics
English: Middle school students must complete three years of study in English. Students who have an interest in writing, publishing, and dramatic expression may elect to take an additional semester course in these areas.

Mathematics: Middle school students must complete three years of mathematics that prepare them for the study of Geometry, Algebra II, and other higher-level courses in the Upper School. Qualified students may be placed in the accelerated math sequence if they meet necessary criteria.

Science: Middle school students must complete three years of science. The program features a hands-on, discovery-based curriculum that emphasizes the techniques of scientific inquiry as it explores topics in earth, life, and physical science.

History: Middle school students must complete three years of study that focus in successive years on global culture, geography, and American Studies.

World Languages: Students in grades seven and eight must pursue a course of study at the appropriate level of instruction in Mandarin, French, or Spanish.

Musical Arts: Sixth-grade students must participate in instrumental or choral music; students in grades seven and eight may elect to continue their study of music by choosing among a variety of electives.

Visual Arts: Sixth-grade students study the visual arts as a part of the exploratory program; students in grades seven and eight may elect to continue their study of the visual arts by choosing among a variety of electives.

Physical Education: Middle school students must take Physical Education each semester.

Computer Science:
Palmer Trinity operates a school-wide laptop computer program. Sixth-grade students receive a general overview in the basics of their laptops and some of the most widely used applications; seventh- and eighth-grade students may enroll in several Computer Science electives offered. The one semester requirement may be satisfied by eighth-grade students if they take the upper school Computer Science Principles course. 

Upper School Course of Study

A student must earn 23 ½ credits, distributed as follows, to meet Palmer Trinity School’s graduation requirements: 

English:  Each student is required to earn four credits, one credit in each year of enrollment in the upper school. 
Mathematics:  Each student is required to earn three credits of mathematics including one credit beyond Algebra II. A fourth year is strongly recommended.

Computer Science:  Each student must complete at least one semester of credit in computer programming; the requirement may be met from grade eight to twelve.

Science:  Each student is required to earn three credits of laboratory science, specifically in Biology and Physics or Chemistry.  A fourth year is strongly recommended. 

History and Humanities:  Each student is required to earn three credits, specifically in World History, United States History, and a regional history.  A fourth year is strongly recommended. 

World Languages:  Each student is required to earn a minimum of two credits (through the third level) of a language. Four years of language study is strongly recommended.

Religious and Philosophical Studies:  Each student is required to earn one credit or two semester credits including Foundations of World Religions. 

Fine Arts:  Each student is required to earn two semesters of credit in Visual or Performing Arts.

Physical Education:  Each student is required to earn two semesters of credit, including one semester of Wellness.

Academic Electives:  Each student is required to earn five additional credits in academic courses designed for students in grades ten through twelve. 

A student must enroll in a minimum of five academic courses each semester.  

Honors and Advanced Placement Courses 

Palmer Trinity School offers Advanced Placement courses in each of the academic disciplines. Some departments also offer upper level Honors courses, some of which serve as gateway courses to the department’s Advanced Placement curriculum. Most Advanced Placement courses are content driven, a fact that requires students to maintain a brisk pace through the course of study. Furthermore, Advanced Placement coursework requires an exceedingly high level of engagement in class activities and written assignments. Palmer Trinity thus encourages students to limit themselves to three Advanced Placement courses a year. Students who enroll in Advanced Placement courses are expected to remain in those courses for the entire year. Except in extraordinary circumstances, each student enrolled in an Advanced Placement course must sit for the national examination in May. Students who do not sit for the AP examination may receive a zero for the end-of-year exam in the AP course.

The School does not encourage appeals against teacher recommendations. Teacher recommendations are designed with the students’ academic interests foremost. All teachers review recommendations for each student yearly.  Recommendations are thoroughly considered and founded on departmental guidelines and thorough advice. 

We have a small window in the Spring of each year when appeals may be filed. Should students wish to appeal, they may access the Appeal Form from the Upper School Office and submit it to the current teacher. 

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The Palmer Trinity School IB Diploma Program strives to create a learning community that challenges students to higher levels of thinking and performance. The interdisciplinary focus of the program allows students to see connections and develop a shared mission, goal, and respect within a collaborative setting. The program offers a world-class education in a private setting, where attention to the individual is paramount.

To learn more about the IB program at Palmer Trinity and the application process, please visit The School's IB Site.
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