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Sandy Block was a loving husband, father, and great friend to many. Since Sandy’s death in 1991, his family has always endeavored to preserve his memory. Sandy truly cared about Palmer Trinity School and, as a parent and founding board member, he was committed to making the school a better place. Each year, Palmer Trinity families, alumni, faculty, and friends, join the Block family to honor his memory with the Sandy Golf and Tennis Tournament.

If you are interested in sponsoring or need more information, please contact Isabella Martino.

Sandy Golf Tournament Champions

Congratulations to the Sandy Golf Tournament's previous year winners.

List of 20 items.

  • 2024

    First Place
    • Josh Moody
    • Ben Curtis
    • Marco Valentini
    • Jeb Bush Jr.
    Second Place
    • Frank Chang
    • Jose Garcia
    • Alex Garcia
    • Patrick Arrojo
  • 2023

    First Place:
    • Nathan Zeder
    • Evan Zeder
    • Gary Trief
    • Anthony Rubino

    Second Place:
    • Mike Miraglia
    • Nelson Mesa
    • Dave Lanham
    • Adolfo Perez
  • 2019

    Nate Brand
    Don Gustafson
    Anthony Infante 
    Nelson Mesc
  • 2018

    Stefano Diaz
    Andres Pumariega
    Javi Portal
    Jordan Portal 
  • 2017

    Nate Brand
    Don Gustafson
    Tony Infante
    Anthony Infante
  • 2016

    Bill DePalo
    Pat Lawler
    Mike Myles
    Frank Piedra
  • 2015

  • 2014

    Tim Plummer
    Bob Shafer
    Alfy Martinez
    Bob Battle
  • 2013

    Bob Booth
    Parker Booth
    Quin Booth
    Eric Hoptin
  • 2012

    Tim Plummer
    Marshall Pasternack
    Stanley Price
    Jay Sakalo
  • 2011

  • 2010

    Bob Booth
    Jeff Devin
    Harper Hill
    Bill Kerdyk
  • 2009

    Bob Booth
    Jeff Devin
    Harper Hill
    Mika Beard 
  • 2008

    Christopher Block
    Stephen Nuell
    Mark McKenney
    Michael Buttacavoli
  • 2007

    Hayes Wood
    Kent Harrison
    Eric Eckblom
    Steve Wilson
  • 2006

    Jessica DaGrosa
    Joseph DaGrosa
    Maria Julia Fyfe
    Rob Lundgren
  • 2005

    Jamie Pimentel
    Angel Medina
    Albert Polese
    Jose Hidalgo
  • 2004

    Ernie Castro
    Guillermo Alvarez
    Dan Sheeny
    Chip Orr
  • 2003

    Chris Block
    Nate DeKanter
    Stephen Nuell
    Gene Swindell
  • 2002

    Facundo Bacardi
    Cauley Dennis
    Pat De Torres
    Andres Gavira

2024 Sandy Tournament Committee List

List of 4 items.

  • Tournament Co-Chairs:

    Brian Gershen ‘98
    Lynne Keller
    Nathan Zeder ‘98
  • Honorary Chair:

    Chris Block
  • Executive Committee:

    Shawn Crews
    Brian Gershen '98
    Lynn Keller
    Mike Miraglia
    Annie Puig
    Zach Sulkes
    Stephanie Voell
    Nathan Zeder '98
  • Staff Liaisons:

    Juan Gomez – Director of Development
    Isabella Martino '18 - Alumni Relations Coordinator
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