The Visual Arts Department at Palmer Trinity School is committed to offering a rich foundation in two- and three-dimensional art in a true studio setting. As practicing artists, our faculty provides hands-on knowledge of contemporary aesthetic practices, a strong background in art history and an active link to the art community in Miami. In the studio we aim to provide a forum for students to visually explore interdisciplinary ideas while mastering materials and techniques presented. We offer a student-oriented curriculum that features diverse activities and addresses individual needs and aspirations.
Message From The Visual Arts Department Chair

Our privilege as art educators is to prepare our students for the world of tomorrow, a world that will need creative minds. We hope that those who take our classes will be one step closer to becoming the innovators of the next generation, helping to come up with new solutions to society’s old (and new) problems.

It is my pleasure to help guide students through the world of self‐expression and my privilege as the department chair to create a visual arts program so strong and enriching that it will be of benefit of the entire school community and a draw to potential students at PTS!

Sandi Wood

Visual Arts News

List of 5 news stories.

  • Celebrating Chinese New Year

    A call for the design of Palmer Trinity School's Chinese New Year Card met with many responses in the art department. Our three finalists are:
    Shan Deng, 12th gradeMichelle Lairet, 10th gradeJordan Verdezoto, 6th grade
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  • Classroom Building Construction A Lesson In Structure

    The 6th grade Discovery class with Ms. Strauss was inspired by the current construction on campus to study 2-point perspective. Taking advantage of the lovely days last week, the students used rulers and diagonal lines to capture the basic structure of the new classroom building project.​
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  • Fall Arts Showcase

    The Annual PTS Fall Art show will took place on Thursday, December 7th. Hundreds of juried works of art, as well as art faculty work, were on exhibit in the Main Dining Room and the Private Dining Room one evening. Included in the festivities were live music, literary readings, hors-d'oeuvres, and an award ceremony. PTS alumnus Mike Scherer acted as the juror.
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  • Gratitude Dudes

    Ms. Strauss' sixth grade discovery wheel art class have been designing "Gratitude Dudes" for the holiday. These birds will serve as bowls to collect daily thoughts about gratitude to eventually be shared over the holiday feast. Each bird is unique and reflects the artist's problem-solving and skill with a variety of mixed media.
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  • Puppet Show In The Mixed Medium Art Class


    For the first time, Mr. Gellatly's Upper School Mixed Medium class constructed a puppet show based on a painting. In this case, however, the source of their inspiration was a photograph by photographer Daan Verhoeven's, The Possibilities of a Rainy Day, himself interpreting the works of the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte. Building a narrative from what may have preceded, then what may have followed, the 'held' image of the source would appear within the show. Working as a 'puppeteer company/class', the students conceived, committed, and constructed their show in class, to then move to the theater where they produced, directed, and performed ....Mystery in the Clouds!
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