AP Human Geography Fieldtrip

During this ethnographic field trip, students in AP Human Geography visited three different sites to deepen their understanding of urban geography and cultural landscapes. ⁠

In PortMiami, they learned about the conditions of its site, its history, and the role it plays in the global supply chain. While touring the container terminals, they observed cargo handling operations and noted changes in transportation modes. Despite the importance of cargo, the port generates over 60% of its revenue from cruises, making it one of the world's largest cruise ports.⁠

Then they visited Metro1 The HUB, a seemingly sustainable real estate company that supports small businesses with similar values through available coworking spaces, focusing on Placemaking and sustainable urban development.⁠

Finally, they toured Little Haiti, originally known as Lemon City. The murals in this ethnographic neighborhood depict Haiti's fight for independence and its rich cultural heritage. The presence of newer buildings alongside areas of abandonment is a clear testament to the gentrification process that has begun.
Main Entrance: 8001 SW 184th Street, Miami, FL 33157
Mailing Address: 7900 SW 176th Street, Miami, FL 33157
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