International Festival 2024 at Palmer Trinity School

After a successful 23rd annual International Festival, Head of School Mr. Patrick Roberts shares the following message:⁠

Special thanks goes to our fearless Festival Team, composed of: Denise Gallardo, Juan Gomez. Alex Cartaya, Suzanne Calleja, and Bella Martino. As you probably know, the planning for this event began last Fall, and the attention to detail paid off in great form. Leading our volunteers so capably and with the help of our Committee Co-Chairs, and PTPA Leaders, Kim Vinas and Elizabeth Bellande, this year's International Festival will be one for the record books. 45 countries, over 300 volunteers, and our largest attendance made this year's International Festival a true highlight of the year, and, arguably, our best Festival yet! ⁠

Thanks, too, to Blanca Morales for assisting with photography, and please also join me in thanking our entire Coastal Building and Maintenance Team led so capably by Art Beguiristain. After a full week of "normal" school events, our beautiful 60 acres were ready to host nearly 3,000 visitors, and our clean-up following Saturday's festivities was completed in record time. Our National Sentinel Team and the members of our local patrol also deserve our gratitude...With activity beginning at sunup and going past sundown, our campus stayed busy, and these good folks made sure to keep our campus safe, and keep an eye on any potential issues.⁠

Without listing every single individual in pulling off such a grand tradition, please note how grateful I am to serve in such a Community. Throughout the day, our visitors commented on our warm hospitality, our beautiful grounds, and our diverse and inclusive Community. The Palmer Trinity spirit is very much alive and well...Newly enrolled families, current students, alumni, grandparents, Faculty and Staff, neighbors, friends of the School---seemingly every member of our amazing and ever evolving Community was represented! ⁠

This Festival captures the essence of just who we are, and always delivers for pure fun, spirited celebration, and meaningful ritual.⁠
Main Entrance: 8001 SW 184th Street, Miami, FL 33157
Mailing Address: 7900 SW 176th Street, Miami, FL 33157
Main:     305.251.2230
Admission:     305.969.4208