AMC Math competition results

This semester, several of our students participated in the American Mathematics Competitions.
Please join me in congratulating our top scorers.
In Upper School (AMC 12)
Top three scores:
Katarina Feetham, grade 12
Daniel Organvidez, grade 12
Connor Leathe, grade 12
Top 11th grade score:
Elizabeth Sulkes
Top Overall Score:
Connor Leathe
In Middle School (AMC 8)
Top three scores:
Isabella Navas, grade 8
Timur Rybiakov, grade 7
Steve Prevolis, grade 6
Top Overall Score:
Timur Rybiakov
The American Mathematics Competitions are rigorous tests with an emphasis in problem solving and creativity. In middle school, the test consists of 25 problems, taken in 40 minutes.  In upper school, the test consists of 25 problems, taken in 75 minutes. 
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