Students from Denmark's Sine School Visit Palmer Trinity for Cultural Exchange

Students from Denmark's Sine School visited PTS for a cultural exchange.

"[It was] a fantastic experience, to see the USA school culture," said student Emil Grøtkjær.

Student Laurits Trum noted the difference between American schools and Danish schools: "It is different from Denmark, with [the] dress code and large dining area, and fantastic facilities, which was fun to see."

Rune Møller was also impressed with the MDR, remarking on "a very good selection of different types of food and drinks."

Our visitors were paired with a PTS student for a tour and to experience a classroom setting. 
"I personally had a very good and kind tour guide," said Rune. "He was a senior so he knew a whole lot about the school. We had a very thorough tour of the school and went to the students' lessons. I had yoga and mathematics. The teachers seemed really nice and helpful if we had any questions. To round up the day at Palmer Trinity School, I would say the facilities were really good.  Very nice staff and students, who were really welcoming. I really enjoyed the day at Palmer Trinity School, and would gladly do it again."

Having now visited Palmer Trinity for the second year, Sine School teacher Chris Orton confirms visiting Palmer Trinity was a wonderful experience. "We always meet happy faces and teachers and pupils that are so pleasant and can tell us about their goals and interests as a teenager in the USA. I’m sure this experience helps our pupils grow, and they tell us they have had a great day."
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