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  • My 8th Grade Closing Speech: Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because It Happened

    For three years you have been under the care of the middle school and now I am sad to see you go.  A few weeks ago Zoe was walking in the courtyard and as our paths crossed I happened to say to her, “You know, Zoe, I am really going to miss you guys.” I could see the astonishment in her face when she looked at me kind of puzzled and replied, “Really? Even after all of the bad things we did?” Then I said, “Yes, despite all of that, I will really miss you.”   
    I agonized about what to say today - not because I didn’t have anything to say but because I had too much to say.  As I was contemplating how to give you a proper send off, I was reminded of a well-known quote by Dr. Seuss:
    “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”
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  • Lessons from a College Quarterback

    Many who follow college football know the story behind Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Jalen Hurts. As a freshman in 2016, he lead the football team to a Southeastern Conference Championship and a season record of 14 - 1 and that one loss was in the national championship game against Clemson.
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  • Your Kids are Probably Playing Fortniteā€¦Is That Good or Bad?


    Over the last two school years, there hasn’t been anything bigger than the explosion of popularity in the game Fortnite. I am half tempted to explain the game to you, but I imagine that you already have an idea of the game especially if you have kids in either elementary or middle school. Just in case, for those of you that are not familiar with Fortnite, it is a video game that people play on their phones, computers or game consoles and the premise is that people collect supplies in order to be the last person remaining alive on a fictitious island as a narrowing storm forces players to converge. Students have the ability to be on teams of 5, called squads, play as a duo or play solo. Additionally, if they are teaming up, they have the ability to talk and hear one another through microphones and speakers.
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  • Middle School Learner

    A lot of people ask me, as a Division Head, what my thoughts are regarding “the middle school learner.” The answer is never really easy because each student has varying needs. What I have found to be true is that the solution on how we address student’s needs is going to be different but the goal for each student is the same:
    We work to create independent learners who take ownership of their learning, focus on the process of learning, are willing to take risks, and view failure as an opportunity for success.
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    • #ptslifeinthemiddle

    • Sunny Life in the Middle

    • Life In The Middle Is All Smiles

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