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  • Middle School Learner

    A lot of people ask me, as a Division Head, what my thoughts are regarding “the middle school learner.” The answer is never really easy because each student has varying needs. What I have found to be true is that the solution on how we address student’s needs is going to be different but the goal for each student is the same:
    We work to create independent learners who take ownership of their learning, focus on the process of learning, are willing to take risks, and view failure as an opportunity for success.
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  • A Disruption to Life (in the Middle)

    For days we waited in anticipation to see where Hurricane Irma would go. We cancelled school and then we saw the westward shift. At the time, we knew it would be at least two days but with the forecast predicting a major storm (as wide as Florida is long), it was not far fetched to think we would miss out on more.
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  • Where Life in the Middle Begins for Sixth Grade

    The lazy days of summer are gone and school has officially begun. While we are sad to see the days of limited time commitments, haphazard schedules and lack of routine gone, we are glad to welcome a new group of sixth graders to “Life in the Middle.” I’m not sure who is more terrified of middle school - the students or the parents. Bigger hallways and class buildings, a spread out campus, the rotation of classes and now lockers are some of the “scary” realities for these students. I often hear, “What if I get lost? What if I can’t get my locker opened? What if I forget my homework?” as I meet new students at orientation.
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  • Final Words to the Eighth Grade Class

    Here is my final message to the 8th Grade Class during their Middle School Closing. The focus of the piece was "A Few Reasons Why I am Proud of You."
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