today we traveled to the Jordan River, Mt. Nebo and finally arrived at Petra.
The place considered by archeologists to be the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist is in Jordan! We crossed the border and entered into Jiordan. Our first stop began with incredible archeological digs and beautiful churches, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic. a meaningful gathering, we all recommitted our Baptismal vows and were sprayed with water from the Jordan.
Next we climbed up to Mt. Nebo where Moses saw from afar the Promised land. Unable to reach it, he saw its expansive reaches. Our tour guide reminded us that he joined Elijah and Jesus at the Transfiguration in the Holy Land.
we stopped by a workshop of mosaic makers which revealed incredible skill and employed handicapped workers. The pieces of art were extraordinary. 
Finally, we are at the ancient city of Petra. It's incredible! It's name the Rock is appropirate. The crossroads between many cultures it was an essential trade route. More tomorrow!
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