8th Grade Element Project

Jordyn Lazar
In 8th grade science this semester we are studying chemistry. In this unit, we are learning how to read elements on the periodic table and know more about their functions.
For our first project, everyone in the grade was assigned an element. With our element we had to find these characteristics.
Physical properties- The density, color, and state of matter
Chemical properties- Is it flammable? Toxic? Acid or base?
Basic element information- Name, protons, electrons, mass, neutrons, where it’s found on the periodic table
The discovery of the element- Who founded it and where?
Practical uses- What is the element used for today and in previous uses?
Hazards and environmental concerns- Is this element hazardous to the environment?

For the project I was assigned the element Hafnium. I learned all about this element, especially since I didn’t know what it was before the project.

Once everyone finished researching their element, we made a tile representing the element. We made our tile look like the one on the periodic table. Once everyone turns in their tile, we will attach them all together and paste them on the wall near the middle school staircase. This was a very fun project and I am excited to see the end results.
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