Palmer Trinity School continues to grow stronger every year because of the incredible support we receive from our current parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends. We appreciate the contributions of your time, talent, and treasure, no matter what the size. We are grateful for the continued and loyal support of our constituents and are fortunate to be able to offer greater opportunities to our students and faculty because of your dedication.

Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Why is a high rate of parent participation important?

    One of the best aspects of higher Annual Fund parent participation levels involves the School's ability to attract outside funding from foundations and corporations. Palmer Trinity has already started a coordinated and strategic search for outside funding. We stand the best chance of receiving such support, today, and in the future, if funding organizations recognize a strong level (75% and higher) of participation.
  • What is the Annual Fund?

    The Annual Fund supports the PTS current-year operating expenses. Annual Fund gifts make up the difference between what tuition covers and the actual cost of running the school. Such gifts are usually unrestricted and allow the school to spend wherever needed most. Like a checking account, the Annual Fund buys higher teacher salaries, library acquisitions, teaching tools, technology and equipment, campus beautification, increased financial aid packages, and necessities such as light bulbs.
  • With high tuition, what else do donations provide my child?

    Your gift supports the people and programs that make PTS so special. This means talented teachers, small class sizes, superior library resources, premier technology, and exceptional offerings in the arts and athletics. While your child is in school, all this translates into more personal attention, increased intellectual stimulation, and more rigor. It the future, it will mean greater credibility behind the academic credentials your child will possess throughout life. 
  • Can PTS be run more like a business?

    A for-profit business, whose mission is to make money, is not an appropriate model for a school, whose mission is to provide children with a great education. By nature, high quality schools are labor-intensive and people-oriented. They cannot get more efficient by combining classrooms or reducing staff. Bottom line: faculty salaries and benefits drive the cost of independent school education. PTS needs to pay its faculty members enough to enjoy a middle-income lifestyle and support their own family, especially in a higher cost of living area like Miami. To offer those competitive salaries and provide excellent programs you want for your children, PTS has to supplement tuition increases and ask our families to contribute financially.
  • How does financial aid fit into the fundraising picture?

    Many schools do not fund financial-aid budgets directly through donations. Instead, they usually allocate a set percentage of the expected tuition revenue. But, without donations sufficient to meet operating costs, more tuition dollars would have to go to operations — leaving fewer dollars for financial aid. Your gifts make PTS affordable to a wider range of students, bringing them the many benefits of social and economic diversity.
  • Why should I give for new buildings and programs the school won't be able to offer until after my child graduates?

    In any school that's more than 10 years old, parents of previous students gave the money to fund the resources your child enjoys today. As the saying goes, all children are warmed by the fires built by others. It's a pay-it-forward situation — you're paying dues to the future. Moreover, your student benefits in the long-term. Financing the enhancements of tomorrow will build the school's long-term reputation, which will always benefit your child as an adult.
  • How much of a difference can my gift really make?

    PTS has many fewer supporters than a large charity or university. Because the numbers who give are smaller at PTS, but the need is large, every gift, whatever the size, counts even more. This reasoning leads many PTS families to make the school a philanthropic priority. They know that their giving truly matters.
  • Are there more reasons to consider a gift?

    Many donors take pride in the recognition that comes with being listed among the school’s supporters. Others enjoy being involved in fundraising activities because it lets them make social contacts. And finally, unlike tuition payments, gifts to independent schools are tax deductible.


Major gifts of financial support meet building and endowment needs that PTS cannot pay for out of tuition funds. When PTS conducts its next campaign, donors will be asked for major gifts which can usually be paid over three to five years.

Usually supported by such major gifts and similar to a savings account, Palmer Trinity School’s endowment takes pressure off the operating budget. Endowment principal remains intact with the school's objective to invest the excess earnings in competitive faculty salaries and to increase the amount of financial aid available to families. These are important objectives if we are to continue to attract and retain exceptional teachers and students.

Our endowment fund underwrites key expenditures for the people and programs of PTS and enhances the long-range financial stability of the school. The endowment funds are invested for total return (both income and appreciation). A portion of the total investment return provides support to the School’s operations. As we seek to expand our School and elevate our standards and momentum, our endowment must keep pace with our ideals.

Building endowment takes planning, commitment, and time. Typically, a community will spend five to seven years of fundraising before achieving significant results. Raising an endowment for PTS is a worthy endeavor. This school continues to make an important, unique contribution in the world of independent secondary schools by uniting people of diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds in a vibrant learning community.

To secure the future of the school and its historic mission, we must build the general permanent endowment. Many endowment gifts are made as a result of estate planning and bequests; others are made through direct gifts of cash or securities.

Annual Fund Goes Green

The Palmer Trinity School Annual Fund is proud to provide online giving to help reduce the unnecessary use of resources such as paper, postage, and fossil fuels used in transporting direct mail. When you decide to give online, future Annual Fund communications can be transmitted electronically. Thank you in advance for supporting PTS and our sustainability initiatives.

Founder’s Circle $50,000+
Golden Falcon Circle $25,000-$49,999
R. Hardy Matheson Circle $10,000-$24,999
Rose Palmer O’Neil Circle $5,000-$9,999
Benefactor’s Circle $2,500-$4,999
Head of School Circle $1,250-$2,499

Virginia and William Hester Circle $500-$1,249
Robert M. Yarbrough Circle up to $499
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