Alumni Awards

Athletic Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor the achievements of men and women who have been associated with the School by recognizing those individuals who have made a major contribution to the success of the overall athletic program.

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  • PTS Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

    Tom Magenheimer '78, Chairperson
    Hart Baur '82
    Jim Beverley, Former Coach
    Deb (Friedman) Margolis '88
    Andy Hessen '76
    Denise (Cipriano) Hinman ‘91
    Brittney (Hoffman) McCabe '99
    Samantha (Evans) Moore ‘06
    Gordon O'Neil '84
    Jeff Rose, Coach and Former Athletic Director
    Chris Sanz '04
    Lee Sterling '81
    Steve Veingrad '79
    Ernest Robertson, Director of Athletics
    Alexandra Cartaya, Director of Alumni Relations

2018 Inductees

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  • Kevin Mahan ‘87 - Cross Country, Track, and Football

    Presenter: Coach Mike Becker

    Kevin Mahan ’87 will be inducted into the Palmer Trinity Athletic Hall of Fame for his athletic accomplishments in football, cross country, and track and field.  Kevin was a  member of the 1986 State Championship Cross Country Team and went on to become the 1987 State Champion in the 100-meter hurdles.  He also placed fifth in the state in the 300-meter hurdles and holds the school record in the 100-meter hurdles to this day.  Kevin was a 4-time All-Dade honorable mention in track and field and played quarterback for the school football team.   His coach, Mike Becker describes him as a “team leader, quiet, reserved, and serious.  He was a great competitor, yet modest and respected by his peers.”
  • Coach Marty Migliaccio - Volleyball and Softball

    Presenter: Tammy King ‘99

    Coach Marty Migliaccio will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame for over 25 years of service to the Palmer and Palmer Trinity Athletic Department. From 1981-2006, Coach Mig led the girls’ Varsity and JV Volleyball and Softball teams to many victories. Her teams were Conference Champions countless times as well as district and regional champs, making it all the way to the State competition. Coach Mig is loved and respected by her players and greatly appreciated by the School for her dedication and commitment to Palmer Trinity Athletics.

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  • 2017 Inductees

    Coach Michael Becker – Cross Country, Track
    Kristen Titley ‘10 – Volleyball
    Jeff Greenwell ‘75 - Baseball, Soccer, Football
  • 2016 Inductees

    Coach Michelle (Brenner) Mondell – Soccer, Volleyball, Football
    Michael Haggard ’88 – Football
    Arasay Guerra ’06 - Volleyball
  • 2015 Inductees

    Joakim “Jay” Nordqvist ’79 – Soccer, Tennis, Football
    Jamaal Douglas ’03 – Basketball
  • 2013 Inductees

    Joe Hanko ’80 - Football, Baseball, Soccer
    Burford Smith ’81 - Athletic Department Manager
    Kevin Sanz ’01 - Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
    Coach Dave Hewett - Coach and Athletic Director from 1983-2000
  • 2012 Inductees

    Pilar Guzman ’76 - Volleyball, Softball, Basketball
    John Alger ’77 - Football, Soccer, Track, Wrestling 
    Ciara Michel ’03 - Volleyball 
    Samantha Evans ’06 - Volleyball, Soccer, Softball
    Coach Jeff Capparelli '76-'83 - Head Football Coach, Athletic Director, Softball Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach
  • 2011 Inductees

    Lee Sterling '81 - Football, Baseball, Track, Basketball, Soccer
    Craig Baur '85 - Soccer, Cross Country, Track
    Chris Sanz '04 - Football, Basketball
    1986 Cross Country Team
  • 2010 Inductees

    Steve Veingrad '79 - Football, Wrestling, Basketball
    Diana Fahmie '90 - Volleyball, Soccer, Softball
    Nathan Zeder '98 - Tennis, Basketball
    Kyle Rutter '04 - Baseball, Football
  • 2009 Inductees

    Liz Corson '78 - Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
    Cindy Gargano ’81 - Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Track
    Hart Baur ’82 - Soccer, Track, Cross Country
    Reid Kline ’96 - Lacrosse, Football, Soccer
  • 2008 Inductees

    Perry Smith '85 - Football, Baseball, Basketball
    Ricky Jofre '90 - Football, Soccer, Track
    Sarah Ferguson '92 - Softball, Volleyball, Soccer
  • 2007 Inductees

    Gary Lesnik '84 - Football, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis 
    Dan Sarmiento '89 - Football, Basketball, Track 
    Charles Baumberger '94 - Football, Soccer, Track 
    Mark Oliver (Coach) - Varsity Baseball, Varsity Softball, JV and Varsity Football, Women's Varsity Basketball 
  • 2006 Inductees

    Joe Mancuso ’90 - Football, Track, Basketball
    Denise Cipriano ’91 -Softball, Soccer, Volleyball
    Preston Dickerson ’98 -Lacrosse, Football, Basketball
    Tracey King ’00 -Volleyball, Soccer 
  • 2005 Inductees

    Jim Maher ‘75 -Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football
    Deb Friedman ‘88 -Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Track
    Mike Reynolds ‘88 -Cross Country and Track
  • 2004 Inductees

    Larry Householder ‘75 -Baseball, Basketball, Football
    Julie Waldo ‘78 -Golf, Volleyball, Softball
    Larry Jacobson ‘84 -Baseball, Basketball
    John Lederman '87 - Football, Basketball, Baseball
    Spencer (Shelfer) Moorman ‘92 -Tennis
    Campbell Walker ‘94 -Football, Baseball

Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Founders’ Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have helped to fulfill the vision of the founders of the Palmer, Trinity, and Palmer Trinity Schools. It is awarded to individuals who have been deeply committed to Palmer Trinity School and who have demonstrated honor, courage, and leadership. Through loyal attitude, inspired spirit and unselfish action, they have fulfilled the mission of Palmer Trinity School.

The Head of School’s Alumni Award recognizes distinguished service to the community that exemplifies the Palmer Trinity's values - commitment to the moral, spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative growth of all members of our community. Palmer Trinity is an Episcopal School dedicated to promoting academic excellence and inspiring students to lead lives of virtue, humanity, and spirit.

Nominate an alum you know that fits the spirit and service described in either of these awards below.

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  • 2018 Founders' Alumni Award presented to: Brian Gershen ‘98

    Presenter: Caroline Goodwin
    Brian Gershen ’98 was a successful student-athlete while at Palmer Trinity, playing both baseball and basketball.  His classmates    voted him “most  outspoken” and describe him as a “great friend to all.” After graduating from FSU with a degree in   Business Management, Brian used his charismatic energy to get involved with Palmer Trinity’s Admission Advisory Board, which helped promote PTS among the community during the early 2000’s.  Brian has always been ready, willing, and able to help Palmer Trinity in every capacity.  In 2006, he started playing in the Sandy Golf Tournament to help raise money for financial aid and he joined the committee in 2010 to help organize the tournament, encourage other alumni to participate, and find event sponsors.  Brian has volunteered at College and Career Day and attended almost every alumni event to date.  When the  Alumni Board was established in 2014, Brian was an obvious candidate.  This is Brian’s 4th year serving on the Palmer Trinity Alumni Board and bringing energy and enthusiasm to the Alumni Association.
  • 2018 Head of School's Alumni Award presented to: Gil Lang ‘97

    Presenter: Elena De Villiers
    Gil Lang ’97 has been dedicated to serving the community since he was a student at Palmer Trinity.  After graduating from   Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Gil joined the Peace Corps and was stationed in Romania, where he worked in an orphanage filled with children who have HIV+. After a year and a half in Romania, Gil was hired by the South African government to forge a campaign geared towards one of the biggest problems there--spousal abuse. Gil's creativity again produced a most amazing campaign affecting behavior change to at-risk audiences. When his work in South Africa was over, he came back to the states with a great job at a local prominent advertising agency. However, Gil felt he was self-serving and not doing enough for humanity writing ads for consumer goods. He became restless and found a job at Fathom Cruise Lines promoting impact travel. Recently, Gil moved back to Miami to lead his family business, The Madison Collection, in global ethical growth. Gil created a partnership between The Madison Company and “Wine to Water” to help provide safe drinking water to those in need.
  • 2018 Head of School's Alumni Award presented to: Dax Tejera ‘03

    Presenter: Danny Reynolds
    Dax Tejera ’03 was a stellar student at Palmer Trinity, dedicating his time to his studies and the drama program and serving as SGA Class President and on the Honor Council. After PTS, Dax went on to earn a degree in History and Government from Dartmouth. Upon graduating, Dax was hired by NBC News to its News Associates program, a program that took him to NBC headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York. After nearly 6 years of launching shows and covering breaking news at NBC, Dax returned to Miami to help build Fusion, the cable network launched by ABC News and Univision. There he created and executive produced AMERICA with Jorge Ramos, a newsmagazine show. Together, he and Ramos traveled the world telling stories; their final project together was a documentary film entitled Hate Rising, documenting the rise of hate groups in America. At the end of the 2016 election, Dax moved to Washington, DC to work at ABC News as a senior producer covering the Trump administration and Congress. He is part of the team that produces This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

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  • 2018

    Brian Gershen ‘98, Founders’ Alumni Award
    Gil Lang ‘97, Head of School’s Alumni Award
    Dax Tejera ‘03, Head of School’s Alumni Award
  • 2017

    Brittney (Hoffman) McCabe ‘99, Founders’ Alumni Award
    Jan (Risi) Field ‘77, Head of School’s Alumni Award
  • 2016

    Nathan Zeder ‘98, Founders’ Alumni Award
    Daniel Diaz Leyva ‘98, Head of School’s Alumni Award
  • 2015

    Beth (Brockway) Serrate ’85, Founder’s Award
    Brian Alonso ’97, Head of School’s Award
  • 2014

    Evans (Dunwody) Crews ’91, Founder’s Award
    Tom Magenheimer ’78, Head of School’s Award
  • 2013

    Lynley (Walker) Ciorobea ’96, Founder’s Award
    Patrick E. Murphy ’01, Head of School’s Award

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