During the sophomore year, Palmer Trinity offers students the opportunity to study abroad in Sydney, Australia; Salamanca, Spain; or Aix en Provence, France. PTS has two schools in Sydney: Abbotsleigh and Trinity as part of our exchange network. In 2007, we added the prestigious Colegio Marista Champagnat, in Salamanca, Spain into our partnership, and the following year, Lycée Georges Duby in Aix en Provence, France.

The curriculum of these four schools matches well with our academic program. U.S. colleges and universities have looked favorably upon our students who have studied abroad. Palmer Trinity is one of a hand full of schools in the nation that offer semester-long study abroad programs during a student’s sophomore year. The experience has been life changing for many of our students. It has produced life-long friendships and a greater global perspective on many issues. Students selected for the programs are away the second semester of Year 10.

The only cost of the program is the airline ticket to Spain, France, or Australia. Students will live with a family chosen by the international school. The schools have an intense interview process to make sure the families are acceptable. The family will have children of the same age attending the international school your child will attend. By paying Palmer Trinity’s tuition, you have paid the tuition at the school in Australia, France, or Spain, so there are no extra tuition costs. Of course, incidentals must be paid by PTS parents such as normal spending money for weekends.

The programs are competitive as we may only send a maximum of six students to Australia, four students to Spain and two students to France each year. For these programs, selections are made in early Fall of Sophomore year. 

For more information, please contact:

Australia - Danny Reynolds - dreynolds@palmertrinity.org
France - Caroline Goodwin - cgoodwin@palmertrinity.org
Spain - Laura Massa - lmassa@pamertrinity.org
The Study Away Student Application can be found on the Downloads page on the Resource Board. You can access the Resource Board by logging in to the PTS Online Community. 


Abbotsleigh School
Abbotsleigh is an independent Anglican school for girls that encourages each girl to develop her potential by fostering her pursuit of personal and academic excellence. The School provides a quality, well balanced education, underpinned by the Christian faith. Each girl is empowered to be a courageous, constructive, and compassionate world citizen who embraces diversity and has a will to serve others.

Trinity Grammar School
Trinity Grammar School, Kew has been successfully educating young men for more than 100 years. Situated in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Kew, the School has excellent facilities and dedicated staff. We aim to provide a happy, caring, and stimulating environment for boys throughout their school lives, and girls in the Early Learning Centre. The academic programs, the extra co-curricular activities and our Christian values combine to foster an enjoyment of learning and a concrete foundation for tertiary education and life beyond school.

Colegio Marista Champagnat
Colegio Marista Champagnat is a prestigious bilingual school founded by a religious order in 1933. This scholastic institution offers an integral and humanistic education to students from K-12 within a framework of high quality education and intellectual integrity. The school has received the European Union Seal of Excellency for its academic performance.

Lycee Georges Duby
Le lycée Georges Duby opened its doors in the South of France in September 1997.

The School welcomes students from all diverse backgrounds, French or foreign. These students are admitted after language tests in the English international section or Franco-German section. The School has a mixed boarding school reserved for students of international sections.

Palmer Trinity also has relationships with The Alzar School in Idaho and Chile, and CITYTerm in New York City. These programs are for sophomores and juniors. Both programs have their own application process, and their own tuition and fees scales, and are not covered by the Palmer Trinity School tuition. However, each school does offer financial assistance. Please visit these schools' websites and contact them during the student's freshman year for admission during the second sememster of sophomore year. 

Alzar School
The official mission of the school is: to educate and facilitate the leadership development of high school students. That mission statement might be summed up as “The Alzar School is trying to mold the next generation of leaders, the people that will go out there and make significant change in the world.”

The Alzar School is helping to fill the leadership void. The world needs more leaders to tackle the social and environmental issues. Many students think that the point of an education is to prepare them for a job, to make a living, or for more education (college, med school, etc). We believe that students can be expected to do more, that education is meant to prepare you to make the world a better place. We know that our students will be well-prepared for university challenges and that they will be able to make a living in a career of their choice. They will be able to achieve these things and have the leadership skills to direct their energy and talents toward improving their local communities and confronting the global issues that they are passionate about.

CITYterm, a semester program for thirty intellectually adventuresome juniors and seniors in high school, makes New York City its Laboratory and Classroom. At CITYterm you will explore the city. You will immerse yourself in the city's five boroughs, connecting with them. You will meet authors, city officials, historians, urban planners, the homeless. You will come to understand New York City, its inhabitants, and your own learning potential, returning to your home-school ready to embark upon new adventures.


Island School, Bahamas (Summer Only)
The Island School in Eleuthera, Bahamas offers a transformative educational summer journey. Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors from around the world may apply. With the campus and surrounding ocean as laboratories, the School partners with a world-class science research facility. The Island School Summer Term is a 30-day intensive program from June 28th to July 28th that focuses on questioning what it means to live well in a place. Through a rigorous course of study that includes field work in local ecosystems, explorations of local settlements and the socioeconomic impacts of development, and dynamic involvement in the systems and resources upon which we rely, Summer Term students grapple with how communities – whether on an island in The Bahamas or in a town in the States – can live most sustainably.
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An independent, college preparatory, co-ed, Episcopal day school serving a community of students grades 6-12.