Sebastian Luehring

I was 2 when I lost my fingernail. I hadn’t lost it, it’s not like i couldn’t find it, what had happened was I was a chubby baby that was reaching for an apple on a heavy marble table. I was small and had short arms so my arms couldn’t reach. I kept on trying so i stepped on the metal bar of the little marble table and grabbed the apple. But I was falling I felt like I was flying, but only for a second.

Why my small baby body slammed on the ground with the table heading straight for me. I was going to die, but the odds were ever in my favor, the table, missed my head and hit my right hand. It crushed my small baby hands and severed my pinky and middle finger open. My pinky was cut down the middle but my middle finger was hanging by a piece of tendon. My mom heard the ruckus and came rushing out to check on me, I was screaming with tears racing down my eyes.

I was rushed to the hospital immediately after. I stayed in the hospital for 10 days, my mother always by my side. I survived but not unharmed. I had lost my fingernail in the accident. I am now 16 and have lived my life since the accident as someone different. I know I am different and I can embrace that fact. I can use it to push me forward, since I am different and with that can persevere in the world and make a change. I am an Agent of Change.

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