Nicolas Rey

Hi my name is Nicolas Rey. I’m 15 years old and an Agent of Change. I was born in Melbourne, Florida but have lived in Miami ever since I can remember. I am very passionate about athletics and since 6th grade have taken part in a total of 12 seasons of sports, including Cross Country, Track, and soccer, over my 4 years here at Palmer Trinity. My life and the person I am today have been heavily influenced by the sports I play but mainly cross country and the amazing team that I am part of.

Through every season of running my friends and I have constantly pushed each other to do the best we can in everything we do and to try and get out of our comfort zones. With my team I have been able to reach running at State Championship level performance and last season we finished 10th overall at the State Meet, where there were a total of around 1,000 runners. Endurance running is one of the hardest things a person can do both physically and mentally. The sport and my team have taught me to work hard everyday, push your limits, and to never give up.

I believe that by implicating these qualities into this Agents of Change class I feel I will be able to complete my goal of creating a change in the world. Through my experiences in the multiple different modules in the Agents of Change program, I hope to grow as a person and overcome challenges using qualities I never knew I had. As an Agent of Change, I want to change my community in a positive way that will impact future generations of people that live here.

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