Nicolas Fernandez

My name is Nicolas Emilio Fernandez and I am a Palmer Trinity School sophomore and as well as an agent of change. I was born here in Miami and have lived here all my life. My dad came from to United States with 2 months of age from Cuba and my mom grew up in Syracuse, New York after her parents, my maternal grandparents, immigrated from Cuba. I speak two languages fluently; English and Spanish. My family and I do almost everything together and are very connected. One of my main passions is soccer which I have played since kindergarden. I also enjoy movies and tv shows and play video games frequently. I love travel and have traveled to different parts of Europe, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and all throughout the U.S. Some places I’m really interesting in visiting are Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Italy, and some country in Africa. In summer 2016 I worked where my dad works at Lennar, a homebuilding company, as a general clerk. It was a new experience for me as I’d never worked before and showed my the value of money and how you have to work for it. When my nicaraguan nanny found out about that I was in this class she immediately informed of “La Chureca” a small village of people who live in a trash dump in Managua, Nicaragua. I was immediately interested and still hope to in some make a change in that community. I thought my passion for soccer could also be integrated into this so that they can enjoy the game I have for almost all my life.

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