Martin Balarezo

Everyday since I was little, my parents have always told me to stay positive. Everyday now, I think about those words. Just those two words have taught me that in life not everything will be the way you want it, and your outcome won’t always be the one, but you have to stay positive and not let the negativity get a hold on you. I think that this one phrase has really impacted me, and really led me through the tough times in life, and gotten me to where I am today.

My name is Martin Balarezo and I am a sophomore in high school. I attend Palmer Trinity School, in Miami Florida. I’ve been here since the 6th grade and it has really shifted the way I think and taught me many valuable lessons. I was born in Miami, moved to Houston, lived there for about a year, then moved to Ecuador, lived there for roughly 5-6 years, then came back to Miami, and have lived here since. My background derives from Peruvian/Ecuadorian roots, my father being from Peru and mother being from Ecuador. I am the second oldest in a family of six. Every year I get involved in the school's soccer team, and I play tennis outside of school.

Since Agents of Change started back when I was in 8th grade, I’ve been wanting to join the program. The thought of going to unique places on an outward bound course all the way to starting my own business had been a constant thought in my head until I reached the ninth grade, applied, waited for a few nerve wracking weeks, and finally got an acceptance email into the course. That is a moment I will never forget. I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of relief, happiness, and excitement that came over me at that time.

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