Klever Rosales

Hello my name is Klever Rosales and I am an agent of change. I am a 15 year old sophomore at Palmer Trinity School. I was born in Miami FL, but my whole family is from Caracas, Venezuela. Both my parents immigrated to the United States in the beginning of 2001 after Chavez came to power in Venezuela. Growing up, I have come to learn American culture as well as the Venezuelan culture my family has bestowed upon me. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and enjoy eating a variety of different foods and listening to different music.

Since the day I was born, I have had some type of ball in my hand. Basketballs, baseballs, footballs and soccer balls, I have always been fascinated with sports. If anyone asks me any questions about sports, I will be able to answer it. Sports is a huge part of my life, specifically soccer. Medicine is also another great part of my life. Ever since I was small I loved going to hospitals and doctors. I loved to see what they did and I enjoyed hearing their complicated explanations. I aspire to become a neurosurgeon in the future and help everyone I possibly can.

Traveling is also something I am very passionate about. By the time I die, I hope to have visited every country in the world. This is largely because I want to learn about as many cultures and meet as many distinct people that I can.

Last year I took part in the Nicaragua Service Mission Partnership. It was the first time I had really done any community service. I had such an amazing time during this trip and I actually enjoyed helping others. A little after the trip, I decided to apply for Agents of Change. I decided to apply because I want to learn how I can make a difference in the community I live in and I want to help others. I want to learn more about what Miami has to offer and all the problems that need to be fixed in the community. I also expect to learn how to create and start a company even if it is a very small company. The trips that are associated with Agents of Change also intrigued me.

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