Jacqueline Perez-Rubio

Hello, I’m Jacqueline Perez-Rubio, a Cuban- American 17 year old junior at Palmer Trinity School. I am extremely passionate about culture and books. I know three languages and plan to learn many more, along with traveling to the home of these languages so I have an understanding and connection to the culture behind the languages. One of my favorite quotes is by John Lubbock, “We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth.” Books have always been important to me and are something that everyone should be able to access and enjoy. They open your eyes to see a place you have been to before in a completely different perspective. Books even connect you to places you’ve never been to or that don’t even exist. Books let you escape reality to a world you may have never imagined.

I think most miscommunications or misunderstandings are because we can’t communicate with each other properly. So I want to be able to communicate with anyone and everyone I meet. I want to have a connection with them by learning about where they’re from and how they live. There are different genres of books in only one language that can be enjoyed by someone just like me if only they could read it. I could connect with that person on another level just because we had that one thing in common.

I want to use the Academy of Agents of Change to educate people through books. I’m currently exploring the idea of creating a way for people to have connections to books, who can’t always access them. To me books are a lifeline and I feel that everyone should learn about distant places in the world and “other worlds” that were sparked in the imagination of different authors. They’re an outlet that should not be forgotten or restricted.

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