Fernanda Mercenari

Hello my name is Fernanda Mercenari and I'm an Agent of Change. I was born in México City and lived there for my first four childhood years. México became very dangerous and my father began to fear for my family's safety. He decided he didn't want to live in fear anymore, as him and my grandfather explored many options they decided the best option was to move to another country. They were then given the alternative to move to Miami, FL. I moved soon after, being a young little girl I didn't know the incredible place I was leaving behind. At the moment it didn't impact me a great deal, I was only four years old, whereas, my parents had lived there for their whole life and had developed a connection with México. They left behind there whole family and moved to a whole different country. “Why?” You may wonder, for me and my two older brothers. Arriving to the United States, not knowing a single word of English, was tough at the beginning. Luckily, Miami has an abundant population of latinos and it wasn't hard to find someone who speaks the same language. Miami’s population made it easier than usual to incorporate ourselves into the American society. A great percentage of those in Miami had gone through the same process of immigration. This helped me a lot to relate to others and learn this new culture. Other then that my life had been quite normal, until last year when I decided to go to boarding school in London. I thought it would be a great opportunity to experience news things and mix with different types of people. I learned to handle difficult situations by myself and how to be independable. Being in London made me rethink about my life back home and my family. I realized the wonderful place I lived in and how grateful I was to call Miami my home. It was an unforgettable experience which I will take with me for the rest of my life.

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