Daniella Miranda Castellon

Hello my name is Daniella Blanca Miranda Castellon and I am 16 years old and part of agents of change at Palmer Trinity School. My family originally came from Cuba when Fidel Castro took power. My grandparents came over to Miami when they were teenagers and spent all of their childhood with a severe lack of money as well as not being able to understand english very well. They all had to work jobs from a young age and lived with 6 siblings in one bedroom apartments in New York City. All these stories of how they lived and what they had to do as teenagers really made me think. It made me think on my work ethic, and on people who are going through the same thing today. This story of my grandparents began the start for my desire to create a change in the world and try to at least change one persons life for the better. I personally love helping children, its the one thing that I am excited to do no matter what. With this in mind I decided to make my social change aspect of this class on helping children with a low class income family on their schoolwork. I hope to help children understand the importance of school and help them with whatever other help they need; because I am sure my grandparents would of loved to have someone help them when they came over to America and could barely do their school work.

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