Brittney Eva Lary

My name is Brittney Eva Lary, and I am a sophomore at Palmer Trinity School, as well as an Agent of Change. I was born in Miami, and have lived here my entire life, like my father. I love being involved in sports and I am a co-founder of a club for young entrepreneurs, but my real passion is art. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a strong passion for art and how is affects the life we live in. Like my mother, a watercolor artist, I have thrived off art and beauty throughout my young life, impacting the way I think, learn, discover, and dream.

Everything on the planet, in my opinion, is related to art, or is itself art. I connect everyday material and learning to art in any way possible. Whether it be in literature, history, or even in the Academy of Agents of Change, many aspects of these things include art and creating something with meaning. Art has been influencing and inspiring people in so many ways for thousands of years and surely have a great impact on the way we live.

Later in life, I hope to focus on an employment involving the arts and creation, such as architect, environmental engineering, or another profession including the development of society through art. I feel these subjects connect to who I am as a person and what I can offer to this growing community of young entrepreneurs. There are so many different directions and possibilities in life requiring creative thinking that could not be made complete without art.


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