AAC MIAMI – Palmer Trinity School
Palmer Trinity School established a strategic alliance with Lonesome George & Co., in order to bring the Academy of Agents of Change to our school as a new Upper School elective. The objective of this full year academic course entitled Social Entrepreneurship is to empower idealistic young people with the necessary skills and experiences to design, launch, and run their own ventures for social change. The course combines Outward Bound's Experiential Learning methodology and adventure with the framework of Ashoka's Youth Venture Program. Led by an Outward Bound instructor and supported by the PTS faculty, each of six modules focuses on a different theme and takes place in a different location. Moreover, students prepare for each module and follow up afterward with activities in daily class work at Palmer Trinity.
  1. Discovering Myself – Asheville, N.C.
  2. I Am My Community – Miami, FL
  3. Finding My Voice – Everglades City, FL
  4. Finding My Passion – The Andes Mountains, Ecuador
  5. Setting Up My Dream – Galapagos Archipelago, Ecuador
  6. Presenting My Initiative – Palmer Trinity School, FL
Exploring these wondrous, natural environments away from their familiar surroundings will enable students to experience moments that will illuminate their personal vision. As they widen their perspective, deepen their empathy, develop leadership capabilities, learn communication strategies, and recognize the importance of systemic thinking, participants should also realize that they are a vital part of the system in which they live and, therefore, fully understand the impact of their own choices. They should gain a sense of personal responsibility towards the community and be able to design their own social initiatives. Parallel to these transformational experiences, once they have defined their objectives, students learn about financing their ventures, fundraising ideas, budget management, and project sustainability. The course culminates with student presentations of their initiatives to a panel of community leaders who have the potential to help fund their ideas and bring them to fruition.

To particiapte in the Academy of Agents of Change, download and complete this application.




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