Palmer Trinity School (Founded 1991)

Palmer School and Trinity Episcopal School merged to become Palmer Trinity School in 1991, with plans and visions that would allow the two institutions to be mutually beneficial. Predictably, there were challenges after the merger, as two different school cultures and communities came together. It took a few years for the green and gold Pirates and the purple and white Titans to feel bonded in being blue and gold Falcons, but it was increasingly clear that this new independent Episcopal school was destined to become a premier educational institution. What was not predictable in this same period was Hurricane Andrew’s direct hit of the Palmer Trinity campus in 1992. Roofs blown off, windows broken out, trees and shrubs uprooted, the fields flooded—the beautiful campus was devastated. Classes started in tents that fall.

Since the merger, Palmer Trinity has grown from 300 to 680 students. Post-hurricane landscaping and the school’s commitment to environmental preservation are reflected in the serene tropical loveliness of gumbo limbo trees, royal poincianas, palms, ferns, orchids, and other foliage native to the area. A new Humanities building, Music Center, Fitness facility, Math/Science building, and expanded Library space have been added to the original three buildings.

Today Palmer Trinity’s students, over 50% of whom are bilingual, come from 37 countries. Students represent Episcopal, other Protestant Christian, Roman Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, and Hindu faiths. As an Episcopal school, Palmer Trinity welcomes students and families of all faiths, and promotes an affirming, inclusive atmosphere.

Palmer Trinity’s dedication to excellence spans all facets of school life.  Honors and AP courses, and initiatives like Religion and Ecology, Global Studies, and Environmental Studies reflect Palmer Trinity’s commitment to strong traditional education alongside creative, innovative education. The school’s 42 athletic teams testify to the growing and successful sports program. And the excellent dramamusic, and  visual arts programs offer students a broad range of options in creative expression.

Weekly convocations, frequently with emphasis on topics of ethics, along with monthly worship that encourages spiritual formation in each individual, bond the students together in spiritual, as well as academic growth. A number of outreach projects provide hands-on experience in sharing the resources that we have been given with those less fortunate.

In just a little over a decade and a half since the merger, Palmer Trinity has grown into a much more mature institution than its years would suggest. And now we look to the exciting future before us, as Palmer Trinity steps into the years ahead.

Goals of Revised Plan

The four broad goals of the revised strategic plan are:
  • Excellence Across All Programs
  • Episcopal Identity and Spiritual Growth
  • The Master Design of our Unique Subtropical Campus
  • Stewardship and Financial Strength

PTS Site Plan

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An independent, college preparatory, co-ed, Episcopal day school serving a community of students grades 6-12.