French Honor Society Celebrates "La Chandeleur"

February 2nd is "La Chandeleur," or Candlemas. Deriving from the Latin, ‘Festa Candelarum’, meaning ‘Festival of Candles’, Candlemas was the day of the year when all candles to be used by churches during the coming year were delivered and blessed. Candlemas, also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, closes the Christmas/Epiphany season. In some countries, Christmas decorations are not removed until Candlemas.

In France and other francophone countries, it has become "the day of crêpes." Families and friends make and feast on crêpes together. Tradition attributes this custom to Pope Gelasius I, who had pancakes distributed to pilgrims arriving in Rome.⁠

Ms. Longou, Ms. Dubovik and Mr. Samba, along with the French Honor Society, celebrated that day with handmade crêpe for sale during lunch.
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