Dr. Bullock, Journalist & Professor, Shares About Media Ethics

Today, Mr. Whitley's Ethics Class (10th-12th grades) heard from his aunt, Dr. Cathy Bullock, an accomplished media and journalism professor (Cornell, Seattle Pacific, Utah State) on the intersection between ethics and media. With so many young people creating content across various media today, it is important to discuss the responsibility and consequences that come with publishing content, and how to do so with integrity. Drawing from her more than 40 years of experience as a journalist and professor, Dr. Bullock shared a few key insights such as: 

1. Media ethics is not an oxymoron.
2. We're all content creators today.
3. Ethical dilemmas in media pit various core moral values against each other (such as honesty, loyalty, independence, and transparency).

Students will now use Dr. Bullock's insights to practice applying various ethical frameworks to several relevant dilemmas in media.
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