Guest Speakers Perform and Share about Bata Ceremonial Drums

On Wednesday April 27, three guest speakers visited for a presentation on the Batá drums. They discussed the origins of the style of drumming as well as their use as a form of communication, how they are made, and their use in religious ceremonies.

These sacred drums of the African Diaspora are still used today as in its original purpose as part of traditional religious activities among the Yoruba. These consecrated drums have been used in Cuba since the 1800s, and in Puerto Rico and the United States since the 1950s.⁠ In Cuba, it is common to see the drums decorated with small bells and chimes, which are called Saworoide or "Saworo" in Yorubaland and Chaworoide or "Chaworo" in Cuba. (source)

Thank you to our guest speakers for sharing about the batá, showing a demonstration of the instruments and sharing music:⁠

•Felix Sanabria, author of the book Ilu Aña: Sacred Batá⁠ Handbook for Orisha Practitioners
• Rahmin Khorassani⁠
• Octavio Rodriguez⁠
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