Faculty Honored & Encouraged toward a "Bright Future"

On August 13, we honored our faculty and staff on their milestone work anniversaries. Their many years of service are a true testimony of their dedication to the school.

As Mr. Roberts said to all the faculty Thursday morning, "We are a community of dedicated professionals who firmly believe and support our Mission, working diligently with young adults, preparing them to step out into the big world, ready for whatever...We are guided by that greater Mission, inspired and trained to lead lives of Virtue, Humanity and Spirit...That’s no small task!"

He spoke of our School's legacy as we celebrate the 5oth anniversary:

We are a School that has grown from 'humble roots'--a single building, nestled on 23 acres, 'off the beaten path' of Miami, and with  a relatively small population into a sprawling campus, nearly to nearly three times that original size, with almost 1,000 individuals crossing paths every day! A network of Alumni over 3,000 strong, and growing.

Beyond our physical evolution, we are also--most importantly--a vibrant Community composed of capable, creative, compassionate, and loving individuals who represent a multitude of backgrounds, faiths and beliefs, and come together, united in Love, Respect and Care for one another and our Greater World.

We are a Community of Innovation, of Creative Spirit, and of Resilience. A Community that survived the blows of Hurricane Andrew, and is navigating just fine through this Covid pandemic, I might add... We are strong, and we have--in our DNA--the right 'mix' to weather whatever comes our way!

Our 'story' is evolving...We certainly are proud of that Bold Past---as we should be! 

I sincerely do believe we have a Bright Future, too…"

View photos here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSfMu4UFesR/
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