Opening Day Remarks - Bold Past, Bright Future

Good morning. And, Welcome, Falcons to the 2021-2022 School Year!

Thank you, Mr. Navarro, for your words, and I say “thank you” as well, for your leadership and our partnership in this good work together.

Thank you, one and all, and especially our honored guests this morning for taking the time to be with us---

It is a real pleasure and a genuine privilege to be with you on this incredibly exciting---and HISTORIC---day!

Today, we have much to celebrate, and so much to be grateful for…

The First Day of School, a “fresh” beginning together, the “Kick-Off” to our 50th Anniversary, and the “official” Opening of our beautiful, new Student Life Building.

As you may have noticed coming in, across our campus are large, colorful banners that greet us, each and every day, with a short, yet powerful statement, recognizing that “Golden” 50th Mark...The Banners read:

Bold Past, Bright Future.

Four simple words----words which try to capture so much, in so little space…

Bold Past, Bright Future.

Four words which touch on a storied and incredibly rich history, and encourage us all to look, with clear optimism to what lies ahead…

Bold Past, Bright Future.

Four words which will help to guide us this year, as we pause, reflect, and steer into an unknown time in the life of our School.

Bold Past, Bright Future.

Four words that resonate quite firmly with me, particularly on this glorious morning, as we take the first “step” of this New Year---one in which I sincerely hope you will join me in that same spirit of optimism.

Today, I say “Welcome” to ALL of you, and I send a special “Cheers” to our 166 New Students, and 12 New Faculty and Staff Members! 

There are nearly 1,000 of us gathered on campus today---780 students and well over 100 Faculty and Staff.

Our “Falcon Family” is a strong and proud one, and I could not be happier to have you with us! And, without embarrassing him too much, my own son, Hagan, is a part of this new Falcon Family as well, as he enters 6th grade.

Today, I also formally share with you that we begin the official commemoration of our 50th Anniversary Year...Wow!

Just two weeks ago, I myself turned 52, and without getting too personal here, I think back upon all the wonderful adventures in my own life and find it quite a task to try to “sum up” just all that has happened in those years...Certainly, there are individuals and moments along the way that “stand out”, and for our School, I imagine the same...To mark such a “Golden” Milestone is quite a feat--- it’s impossible to capture every single, interaction, memory, or highlight...And, for me personally, and, I believe, for Palmer Trinity, it truly is a Bold Past.

Without retelling our entire story today, we are a community that is constantly evolving---and in every way. 

A School that has grown from “humble roots”---a single building, nestled on 23 acres, “off the beaten path” of Miami, and with a relatively small population into a sprawling campus, nearly 3 times that original size, with nearly 1,000 individuals crossing paths every day!

We are a Community composed of creative, compassionate, and loving individuals who represent a multitude of backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs, and come together, united in Love, Respect and Care for one another and our Greater World…

A Community of dedicated professionals who firmly believe and support our Mission, working diligently with young adults who hope to step out into the world, and make a difference…

A Community of Innovation, of Creative Spirit, and of Resilience...A Community that has weathered the blows of Hurricane Andrew, and is navigating just fine through this Covid pandemic... 

A Community that eagerly embraces the challenges and the unknowns of just what lies ahead---hopefully recognizing that the Core Values and Lessons instilled here, in this School, coupled with the relationships and friendships established, may provide suitable framework and serve as the perfect “nest” and resting grounding for real “flight” later in Life…

Bold Past, Bright Future.

And, so, today, as we begin a New Year, and usher in this 50th Anniversary, we will soon quite fittingly  “cut the ribbon” for our Student Life Building…

As we open this facility, we not only provide a new teaching and working space, composed of brick and mortar; rather, we open a new world of possibilities for ALL of us.  

A world in which our pursuit of Academic Excellence remains the highest priority for our School.

A world in which our students will have the very best and the most innovative spaces in which to learn, to grow, and to develop the global leadership skills so dearly needed for Life.

A world in which our Our Community--the Palmer Trinity School Community-- will enjoy the most effective daily collaboration between our Faculty and Students---a true “hallmark” of our School.

And while this morning’s gathering is only a brief moment in the overall scope of an entire School Year, today marks yet another step in our journey as we evolve.  

Every single individual plays a major role in this Step---this greater Commitment.

Each of you brings talents and treasures to our School every day in so many incredible ways. 

And while I do believe that individually, we are certainly good---

I firmly believe that collectively we are GREAT.

And today’s Gathering simply reaffirms this notion, doesn’t it?

For without the dedication, the commitment, and the collaborative work of so many individuals----too many to name in just a few moments, in fact--this achievement would NOT have been possible. 

As we gather today, we BUILD on the good foundation established 50 years ago…

A foundation grounded in respect for one another, rooted in Kindness, and crafted with a solid framework of Love.

In just a moment, we will make “official” this next chapter of our exciting story.

Before we do, let us pause, and remember the good work that lies before us---

As we are guided by a greater Mission, inspired and trained to lead lives of Virtue, Humanity and Spirit, 

Let us pledge to do ALL we can do, each and every day, to fulfill that most Noble Mission.

Let us commit to Excellence, and strive to be better in everything we do…

Let us commit to the quest for new knowledge, reaching for the stars and aiming high in our endeavors…

Let us go forward enthusiastically, with a positive attitude, and with the utmost confidence...

Let us always remember to be kind, gentle, and most humble in our daily actions…

Let us pledge to commit to the Ideals of this great Institution and to do ALL that we can to bear the Palmer Trinity name in the highest form possible…

Let us work diligently to ensure that we serve others first and foremost--

And, most importantly...Let us Lead with Love. 
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