PTS Advisory 2021: Grow. Be Good. Thrive.

We're in this together. 
Our focus was for the month of January was Belonging. We empathize with those in our community who are feeling the negative effects of the pandemic. Our aim this month was to ensure all students knew that they were not alone. We're in this together and "We've got this!" Here are examples of "belonging" activities during Advisory:
  • Ms. Metzler's group (Grade 7) explored what it means to really belong by developing their own Scrabble board of belonging words.
  • Mrs. Morin's group decided that a weekly poker game would be a great way to have fun together and to destress. No worries - only Monopoly money used in this activity.
  • Advisory groups also joined together for fun, socially-distant activities such as a friendly soccer game on the field, as a way to keep students connected and not forgetful of the joy of living and being with each other.

For February, the focus during this short month is Study Skills. We don't just want to survive the pandemic - we aim to thrive during it. We understand that one of the ways to do so is to stay on top of our studies by employing great scholarly skills. Sessions on preparing for quizzes and tests, understanding how your brain works, time management and more will be offered throughout this month. 
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