New Faculty Member, Mrs. Phelps, Makes the Most of New Technology in the Classroom

Mrs. Charlotte Phelps, one of the newest faculty members at Palmer Trinity, is making the most of the school's technology updates implemented this summer, which include tech boards, microphones, and video cameras which gives students a classroom view of their teacher.
Mrs. Phelps is teaching 6th Grade World Cultures and European History from her classroom in our Academic Building. ⁣Like many teachers on campus, Mrs. Phelps uses Google Classrooms and Zoom through our Tech Boards. 
Mrs. Phelps, who is originally from England, previously worked at Episcopal School of Jacksonville. She is happy to have joined the faculty this year.
What she loves most about PTS is the people -- students, faculty and staff alike, and looks forward to creating new learning opportunities this year. ⁣
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