Anatomy Project with Nicklaus Children's Hospital

On Tuesday, January 28, Ms. Holstein's Honors Anatomy and Physiology class were visited by Hayden, and his mom, Amanda, to show the students Hayden's prosthetic devices. Devices for small children are rare, as they grow out of them so quickly. Hayden is a lucky little boy with an assistive device for his bicycle! He also showed off his fancy Avengers-themed forearm and hand.

The PTS Anatomy students are in the middle of a year-long project in which they will design and build an assistive device of their choice. Hayden's mom and Nicklaus Children's Hospital therapists are helping the students with the nuances of this lofty project. Ideas which our students are working on include devices to attach to violin bows for musicians, knives for chefs, and free weights for use in the gym. Other ideas involve helping the blind to cross a street safely and making it possible for an athlete to surf or wakeboard after losing a limb. Our students are hard at work in order to help the lives of others.
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