A Plant In Every Classroom at Palmer Trinity School

Palmer Trinity School is working with A Plant in Every Classroom. The collaboration provides students unique opportunities to learn about the health benefits of plants.

A Plant In Every Classroom is a non-profit whose mission is to help improve the health of students and educators by bringing nature into their daily lives. The organization works with schools to bring indoor plants to their classrooms. Research shows that just 40 seconds of viewing a plant helps ease stress, improve focus and attention, and create a culture of health.

Why plants in the classroom?

1. Lower stress
2. Increase attentiveness
3. Reduce anxiety
4. Improve concentration, memory, reaction time, and creativity
5. Lower blood pressure (systolic)
6. Purify the air of toxins
7. Improve attendance
8. Raise productivity
9. Improve well-being, boost your mood
10. Provide a sense of connectedness
11. Improve perceptions of the space
12. Increase teacher job satisfaction

Palmer Trinity also joined the Grow a Plant program. Its goal is to grow these indoor plants at our school to donate to partner schools. 
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