Eighth-Grade Honors Seminar Visits Deering Estate Flow-Way

Eighth-grade honors seminar students and teachers visited Deering Estate to learn about the Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands Project. Dallas Hazelton, Project Supervisor - Natural Areas Management, Miami-Dade County, and Bahram Charkhian, Lead Environmental Scientist, South Florida Water Management District, led the students and chaperones on-site visits of the educational wetland, pump station, and rehydration area.

The group hiked through the Deering Estate’s protected natural areas, observing the flora and fauna that make up these ecosystems. The group also crossed over the historic Cutler Creek to learn about the changing flow of water through the park. The Deering Estate Flow-Way project redistributes water from the South Florida Water Management flood protection canals via spur canal and pumping station. The slow-moving water is then naturally filtered as it travels through the Deering Estate’s habitats and out to Biscayne Bay in a more ecologically beneficial sheet flow manner.
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