A Disruption to Life (in the Middle)

For days we waited in anticipation to see where Hurricane Irma would go. We cancelled school and then we saw the westward shift. At the time, we knew it would be at least two days but with the forecast predicting a major storm (as wide as Florida is long), it was not far fetched to think we would miss out on more.
Hurricane Irma was a huge threat to our campus and while we sustained some small damage, it could have been worse. I think for the greater Miami community, we have a lot to be thankful for. While we went without power, downed trees and fences, flooding in some areas, I did not see any homes missing roof tiles or homes completely leveled.

Having missed seven school days, picking up the pieces afterwards was challenging. Restarting school, for many without power, was a difficult task. Getting back to Miami, for those (including me) that left, provided a wide spectrum of difficulty. Some certainly had it easier than others.

But what we came back to - an all school gathering at the Victory Bell on campus, set a message for all to hear: We are back, we are together and we are going to support one another. Now that we have had over a full week of school, there is a settled feeling once again on campus. Postponed events are rescheduled and back on track so we can now look forward without much in our way.

Each day I am here I am thankful to work with great people. I’ve seen many in our community helping others by assisting with local cleanups or organizing donations to be sent elsewhere. One thing about our community is true - we have genuine compassion for others and our efforts in helping one another only further confirms this. I am proud to be a part of this Life in the Middle and I am glad that this disruption is a thing of the past.
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