Promote innovative pedagogy and learning at Palmer Trinity
We expect our faculty to cultivate academic excellence, through inquiry-based learning, in an increasingly global forum. As we continue to strengthen our academic offerings and enrich our instructional practices, we ensure that each grade and division fully prepares its students for the next level and that our graduates are well equipped for their journey through college, work, and life beyond.


  • Created a Middle School Academic Council.
  • Implemented an evaluation system.
  • Established C.E.L.T. (Faculty Forums, Ideas Café).
  • Hired a second Learning Resource Specialist.
  • Applicant for IB Program.
  • Initiated Homework Café for grades 6-9.
  • Continued to fund and encourage Professional Development.
  • Created three new makerspaces (STEM Labs and Innovation Stations).
  • Adopted the ACT Aspire tests in grades 6-9.
  • Provided more timely comprehensive communication to families regarding score reports.
  • Focused MS Honors Seminar on Immigration and Water.


Celebrate our Episcopal Identity in a Diverse Community
Palmer Trinity is the only Episcopal middle and high school in Miami-Dade County and an active member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools. It should be noted that while many of the local elementary Episcopal Schools join the Palmer Trinity community, our overall student population is quite diverse. Palmer Trinity School community is committed to fostering and nurturing compassion and respect while recognizing the uniqueness of each child.


  • Developed curriculum to include global religions in course list.
  • Named a Department Coordinator.
  • Established new rituals and traditions.
  • Established Student Interfaith Vestry program.
  • Re-established a relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida.
  • Enhanced services/Eucharist.
  • Planning and building a chapel for community.


Cultivate Student Engagement
Student life at Palmer Trinity is founded on the values and principles of our founding schools, which had rich traditions as character-building institutions. Comprehensive academic programming, citizenship, physical fitness and well-being, spiritual development, a commitment to service, and the development of the whole person were the common philosophies that were handed down when Palmer School and Trinity Episcopal School joined as Palmer Trinity School in 1991. Today, in order to enhance school spirit, pride and a true sense of belonging, we must continue to provide opportunities for our students to develop stronger connections and enhance the overall student experience ultimately becoming members of the Palmer Trinity Alumni network.


  • All faculty to serve in Advisor role.
  • Appointed Advisory Coordinator.
  • Created, developed and implemented new daily schedule.
  • Developed a pilot program for “Late Starts.”
  • Established full-time Student Activities Director.
  • Added Acceptable Use (AUP) policy.
  • Implemented Spirit Committee under umbrella of PTPA.
  • Established Student Round Square.


Optimize our Campus for 21st Century Learning
With the recent approval of our Master Site Plan, Palmer Trinity can update and modernize the current campus, and as the School raises funds, build new facilities on the School’s South Campus. This work will ensure that the School’s physical spaces optimally support mission and programs. Our facilities will enhance our efforts to maximize interdisciplinary collaboration among departments and divisions, while energizing and showcasing the spirit of innovation. The campus will also demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and energy conservation, functioning as laboratories that help us educate our students to be prudent stewards of the global ecosystem.


  • Opened South Campus including: all road work, new practice fields, Track and Main Athletic Field.
  • Invested over $3 million on the north side of campus.
  • Enhanced outdoor dining spaces and created additional gathering spaces and courtyard areas.
  • Updated MS classrooms with new furniture.
  • Upgraded fire alarm system, PA system, and fiber optics.
  • Completed new Academic Building.
  • Announced future construction of Student Life Building (To be completed in 2020).
  • 2019 Summer Projects: Senior Chickee, Outdoor Basketball and Volleyball courts, Athletics Field House, and foundation work for Trinity Chapel.


Global Citizenship at PTS
The rapid mingling of cultures, the complexities of enormous changes across nations, the unforeseen advantages and problems that arise out of the new global economy and the clash of cultures and groups, and the plight of the world’s poor are but a few of the conditions that make up the state of our world today. We seek to prepare our students to take their place as global citizens in the dynamic and challenging times they live in now and will encounter tomorrow. In preparation, Palmer Trinity School is a founding member of the Global Education Benchmark Group (GEBG), a national institution of independent schools that have leading global programs and benchmark standards of learning, both academic and experiential.


  • Increased budget to include trips, stipends, due diligence, insurance liability, and workers compensation.
  • Established Travel Committee.
  • Accepted as Round Square School.
  • Continue to serve as a leader for global professional development for independent schools.
  • Established and hosted Model UN programs.
  • Initiated training for Travel Leaders.
  • Joined GEBG and Global Connections.
  • Established additional partnerships with schools in China, Costa Rica, and India.
  • Established financial aid for travel opportunities for students (increased dollars raised through International Festival).


Ensure our Financial Sustainability
Today’s independent schools must plan for the future and balance a number of competing needs. Compensation levels must be competitive; tuition levels must be acknowledged as reasonable; the School should be accessible to various national, religious and socio-economic groups if we are to broaden diversity in all its forms. The academic and co-curricular programs must be engaging and stimulating; facilities and physical plant improvements must be planned and monitored in a constant, consistent fashion; and the School must secure long-term financial stability. Success depends on prudent fiscal management, a commitment to building increased endowment, a strong and stable development program, and the active contribution of every member of the PTS community.


  • Finalized a ten-year forecast.
  • Implemented zero-based budgeting approach.
  • Increased auxiliary revenue through rentals and summer programming.
  • Streamlined security, maintenance, and operations teams.
  • Established annual State of the School address.
  • Set records in terms of dollars raised and participation in both the Annual Fund and Soaring to Greater Heights Campaign.
  • Allocated 10% of capital campaign money to support the Endowment.
  • Reached 100% participation for faculty, staff, and Board of Trustee participation in Annual Fund.
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