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Palmer Trinity is a student-centered, college preparatory, Episcopal institution, which is both academically challenging and spiritually supportive. Each student is given the opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential in a school community that teaches and models high academic and personal standards. It is expected that each student will be prepared to attend a four-year college or university.

In selecting new students, the Admission Committee places great importance on the applicant’s potential through a true holistic review. Teacher and school recommendations, past performance in prior schools, the essay, extra-curricular activities, test scores, the student’s day on campus, along with other qualities are given equal consideration during the review process. The Committee’s goal is to seek out well-rounded students of good character and exceptional talent, whose families embrace the mission and values of Palmer Trinity School. In addition, Palmer Trinity is committed to building a community of students who reflect the diversity of South Florida.

Palmer Trinity demands much of students, challenging them to actualize their potential as individual scholars, while expecting them to participate and to contribute to the life of the school community. It should be noted that Palmer Trinity School does not offer a parallel program or special services for learning disabled students and prospective students must be able to meet all academic requirements of the School.

It is a fundamental goal of Palmer Trinity School to create a community of global learners, to instill a love of wisdom in our students, and to challenge them in mind, body, and spirit to embrace the highest ideals of tolerance, personal integrity, and social responsibility.

For further information, please contact Giovanna Arrien at 305-969-4208 or Lucia DeSola at 305-259-1148.
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